Modest Pieces and Looks That Need to be in Your Wardrobe

For those who dress modestly, they will know that there used to be many hoops that had to be jumped through to be able to dress how one wanted – modestly and stylishly. Stores didn’t offer the more relaxed silhouettes you see on their sites and in-store today, and without the high presence of social media like there is now, there was less awareness of smaller brands that were selling beautifully curated modest collections. Luckily today, it’s quite a different story. While there still is plenty more to be done, there are now a variety of trends and brands, such as regional favourite Leem, that fit perfectly into the modern modest woman’s lifestyle. Not to mention that you now see more and more modest fashion faces being included in campaigns, shows, and the style scene in general.


With this in mind, here are five modest pieces and looks you need to have in your wardrobe this season and they are perfect not only if you’re a modest dresser, but also if you simply want to incorporate a more covered style into your outfits.

The Classic Maxi


Out of all the trends, this just might be every girls favourite and the most versatile. You can wear them as is or pair them with a vest or jacket.

Layer Lengths

You may be hesitant in the summer months but mix it up and go for cool fabrics and lengths rather than pieces on top of each other.



While sheer and cutout dresses took reign of the runways, what caught the eye of the most fashion-savvy modest dressers was volume added in dresses and skirts. It takes a simple piece to the next level and is great for those who want to stray from form-fitting pieces.

The loose-fitting trouser – think the 1970s!


Not only are these elegant and work on all body shapes that are also incredibly comfortable and we are not sure you’ll go back to anything tighter!



Maybe a surprising one for summer but they are great for travel! Hooded sweatshirts will always be in style, no doubt, but there’s been a recent surge in taking the comfy item and elevating it with the styling whether it’s over dresses or with sophisticated trousers and blazers.


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