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Most BingeWorthy Netflix Series

Netflix produces a huge amount of shows every year and some shows truly stand out. These shows not only captivate audiences but also leave them wanting more. When it comes to these shows, creativity and imagination have no boundaries as anything and everything is possible. Out of the wide variety of shows, these are a few gems that are a must-watch and can be enjoyed by all.


Greg Gayne/Netflix

Atypical is a show about a teenager, Sam who is on the autism spectrum, who decides to get through high school by being independent despite the challenges he faces. The show revolves around Sam and his family and the adverse situations they’re put in due to Sam’s condition. Atypical truly has an amazing blend of comedy and drama but at the same time brings awareness to the challenges faced by people on the autism spectrum. The show truly takes you on a heartwarming journey by depicting the struggles a family faces and is a must-watch for audiences. The cast of the show truly gives an amazing performance making it a learning experience and fun to watch the show.


Stefan Erhard/Netflix

Dark is a German show about a small town in Germany where children have disappeared. The show follows Jonas and his friends who wander into the woods without knowing what they’re in for. The show takes you on a mind-bending journey through time and space but at the same time puts an intricate puzzle that the characters of the show along with you will have to solve. Every episode comes with a list of suspense and mind-bending twists in the story that will truly have you hooked to the show. The acting and musical numbers compliment the premise of the show and make it a truly mind-bending experience for audiences.

Black Mirror

PHOTO: Netflix

Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology show which depicts how technology will affect the future. It takes you through the harmful effects the development of technology will have on human beings and the dire consequences we’ll face due to it. Every episode comes with a unique twist but at the end conveys the same message to the audience. Notable episodes have A-list actors such as Anthony Mackie and Letitia Wright making appearances. The satire and dark comedic aspects of the show are sure to grip the audience from the start till the end and truly take you on a thrilling journey.


PHOTO: Netflix

You is a show about a young bookstore owner named Joe who falls in love with a young aspiring writer named Beck. Joe develops an unhealthy obsession with Beck as he stalks and follows her every move. The show will make you uncomfortable by putting you in the shoes of Joe and takes you through the experience of how a psychopath thinks. The acting performance by Penn Badgley as Joe is truly outstanding when it comes to playing such a character. The show has aspects of dark humor and drama that make it a must-watch for audiences.

The Witcher

PHOTO: Jay Maidment

The Witcher is a fantasy drama show adapted from a series of books starring the amazing Henry Cavill playing Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who hunts monsters. The show revolves around Geralt and his journey along which he comes upon mysterious characters who either help him or are out to get him or even both. The show is packed with humor, drama, and mind-blowing action along with captivating cinematography and visual effects. Henry Cavill does an amazing job when it comes to showing depth while portraying his character. The show will certainly captivate audiences and take you on a wonderful journey through the life of Geralt.

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