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Like our Hair, Make-up and Wardrobe our Nails’ too reflect our style. A fresh manicure has the power to make you feel renewed, and the sharpen edge is a subtle form of self-expression. I love the saying ‘Chase your dreams in a killer pair of heels & perfectly painted nails’ and, while we all will always love bubblegum to hot pinks and the power of a classic red nail which is never to be underestimated, life is too short to wear boring nails. So, Trim, File, Buff or maybe call for a nail appointment! From the waves & swirly patterns, Indie Picasso, and an evolved Frenchie and negative spacing, I already find myself wishing for a few extra fingers. Whether you prefer a professional do or DIY from the comfort of your couch here are some of the trendiest nail arts for some enviable claws.

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Negative spacing– I would encourage you to always keep negativity away but do make an exception for this trend. All you need to do is keep a nude/clear base and a design (preferable an abstract design) over the top to achieve these low maintenance chic nail trend. Checkout the genius of this trend on Megan Thee Stallions’ purple nails with web/beehive pattern created with negative spaces. This trend is easy and effective for that added element to your #manimondays.

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Waves & Swirls – Leave it to the queen of ‘extra nail’ designs Kylie Jenner to make waves with her nail-fie(s)! Nail artists have created wavy and swirly patterns with a medley of colors and is all over “The Gram”. These swirly patterns have so many tutorials available on Instagram and if your skill set at nail painting is any good, give it a go. And as for the rest of us, let us keep the acetone close by. My personal favorite is the medley of coffee swirls on a milky white base.

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The Evolution of the French manicure – Our very own classic French manicure has evolved in more than just one way and I am living for it. The subtle and classic French manicure is no longer restricted to the basic light base and white tips. Nay Nay! Add a little sparkle with glitter on a French ombre to keep it trendy yet classy or get creative with some bold and beautiful colors. Think trendy nude & neon combo and pastel rainbow color block! Adding that little pop of color could make a fashion statement, play around with a Thin line French tip with contrasting colors like Blue and yellow. Switch the classic white tip, with a little gold foil tip to add texture and bougie-ness to your nails. Reverse the French tip to a negative space, chrome, or colorful arcs above the cuticles. And, why stop at just tips, swap the classic dome shape for a pointy one to elongate your nails. Furthermore, you could also add some patterns like the dog tooth, to angled tips.

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Indie nails – Instagram feeds witnessed a fair share of “indie nails” during the winters and the trend is still going strong. We love us some Extensions! nail pun Especially as trendy as the Indie Nails which is all about simply taking a different approach to painting each nail. One digit might have a checkered design, while the other could have a swirl or stripe and another could be marble textured or a chrome element. Kylie Jenner nailed these indie nails bringing back the paisley bandana print into spotlight, different pattern for every digit brought together by the shades of brown – another color that is having a moment right now. One of the seasons boldest look is the modern motifs utilizing geometric shapes, negative space, minimalist designs, vibrant uses of colors and abstract representations of just about anything. Choose contrasting colors to turn heads in your direction or opt for similar shades for a more muted style to customize your very own Picasso.

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Press-On Nails – Just press on & go– as simple as that. Press-on nails are an easy DIY manicure technique which caught on in 2019 with stubby French manicure press-on and understandably thrived when 2020 surprised us with lock down. With further restrictions in 2021 abundant options online have started popping up. Nail artists took no time in catching up with customized sophisticated press-on sets to reach clients directly. We challenge you to spot the difference! The easy application, salon quality nail art, easy to shape & style options, and wears that last just as long, keeping a couple of good sets on hand is a must. I would encourage styles that already have a little bit of flair that you can add small details like featuring a single nail with glitter or holographic nail paint or stickers the matte or basic-colored nails.

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