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Natural Ways To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Summer is just around the corner and we can all feel the heat by now. During summer, we tend to use air conditioners all the time because of the hot weather and stop opening our windows, and balconies to prevent the heat from outside to enter our home. Moreover, it is reported that the heat keeps growing by a 2.2 ratio every time and it is impossible to resist the heat even while we are all chilled up at home.


We do so much to take care of our skin during summer so why don’t we give our homes the same attention and also a little bit of new touch to deal with summer in a fun and exciting way. Here are few tips that will help you keep your homes cool during summer:


Allow Ventilation

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We often make the mistake of keeping our windows and curtains closed to prevent the heat from entering which causes little ventilation in the house. It gives a feeling of suffocation and also somewhat affects our attitude and mood, especially during this pandemic while some of us are working from our homes. Don’t keep the curtains open for a long time. Opening your windows from 5 am to 8 am will allow just a good amount of sunlight to enter your room and you can also get some vitamin D by sitting in an open room on the balcony.


Use Natural Fabrics

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If you use a leather or woolen couch during summer, chances are you get skin irritation because of the material of the couch. Avoid using materials like leather, silk, and polyesters as they tend to absorb heat fast making the material stick to your skin. Opt for cotton, linen, and cotton upholstery as they are light, breathable, and more importantly, they allow more ventilation and airflow.


Incorporate Cool Colors

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During the dry summer season make it a good time to paint your walls with “cool colors.” Try and give your home a fresh seasonal look so that it radiates freshness and energy throughout the year. Go for light pastel colors which are not too flashy for the eyes and gives a calming effect to the room. Beige, aqua, yellow, millennial pink, and white works best if you truly want to give your room a cool and fresh touch.


Bring in greenery 

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Bring in plants like Aloe Vera, lavender, chamomile, and jasmine to give out a very fresh and energetic vibe. They can absorb the toxins in the air. It acts as the natural air purifier. Moreover, it also gives your house an aesthetic green corner which gives it a very pleasing look. Also growing creepers and vines on the balcony can help keep the house cooler.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your house a new look and keep it cool during summer. All you have to do is look around the house for items that you can recycle and see where and what ways you can add to make your home a comfortable and cool place when the heat is on!

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