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Netflix Too Hot To Handle Ranked As The Least Successful Dating Show With 0% of Couples Still Together

Let’s be honest, the murky world of television dating isn’t an easy one to navigate. So, if you’re going to give it a go, there is absolutely no point wasting your time on a dating show that has a poor success rate for singletons looking for long-lasting romance. 

With this in mind, we’ve asked the research team from SlotsUp to crunch the numbers to reveal just how successful dating shows from around the world really are.


The study collected a list of the most popular dating shows from around the world and ranked them based on relationship success rate, from best to worst. 

According to the findings, the Netflix series Too Hot To Handle is the least successful dating show. The series gives contestants the WORST chance of finding long-term love. The show has a 0% success rate, with 0 of the couples still together out of the 4 relationships kindled within season one of the Netflix series. 

US Love Island landed in second place on the scale, giving contestants a 0% chance of finding love. Out of the 10 couples paired together on the show, 0 are still dating currently.


These are the five most unsuccessful dating shows: 

  1. Too Hot To Handle – 0% success rate 
  2. Love Island US – 0% 
  3. Naked Attraction – 1.2%
  4. First Dates UK – 1.3%
  5. The Bachelor – 4% 

See how the other shows stack up below! 


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