New Comedy Series “Take Note” Star Nadine Whiteman Roden On Relationships, Pandemic and More

Nadine booked a starring role on Peacock’s ‘Take Note’ after amassing a significant body of work, including appearances on  Workin’ Moms, Kim’s Convenience, and  Shazam! The musical comedy series focuses on a group of contestants in a reality singing competition at American Idol and its antics. Check out our latest interview with Nadine talking about her character and much more about the entertainment industry.


What’s Nadine Whiteman Roden’s story? 
I’m an actress and singer who got her start in musical theater in a little show called Mamma Mia! I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada in a very large Grenadian family. I love food. I love music. I love animals. I love my friends. I guess that’s my story. 

You’re starring as Drea Richards in your new comedy series “Take Note”. Tell us about this series and your role 
I am so excited for people to see Take note. Take note is about a fictionalized tween singing competition, a la American Idol or The Voice. The show follows Calvin Richards who has chosen to compete in this competition. Calvin is from a close-knit family who goes with him to support him through all of the ups and downs as he goes through a competition. I play Drea Richards, Calvin’s mom. She is a smart, strong, professional, and no-nonsense mom to the Richards kids and doesn’t give a hoot about fame, fortune, and the flashy and fancy people in Hollywood. While she recognizes Calvin’s talent and supports his pursuits, Drea is as fiercely protective as she is proud of him and her family.

How does your character Drea fit into the overall narrative for the season? 
Drea is the matriarch of the family. She is a psychology professor about to get tenure who is deeply madly in love with her two sons, Calvin and Jackson, and her husband Reggie. She is a fierce no-nonsense kind of a mom who would do anything for her kids. But she also has a fun streak in her!

Do you share any similarities with your character? 
Besides her love of blingy jewelry, I am all about family. They mean everything to me. I also love to be a cheerleader for my friends and family. I also love to advise whether you want it or not but I won’t push it on you. I will give you the advice and then let you come to your conclusions, kind of like Drea. 

What can the audience expect from this season? 
Well first things first, I think that the audience can expect a lot of great music and amazing performances and comedy. The kids in the show are so talented and have incredible voices and for such young folks their comic timing is genius. . But as a whole, it is a musical, family comedy filled with engaging music, fun, and lots of heart. We follow Calvin through this adventure of competing in the Take Note competition. He discovers himself during this competition and through the power of his loving family to follow his dreams. It’s funny, it’s smart. It’s engaging if you are going to love it. 

Apart from your character, how would you describe the support system of an average family when one is trying to achieve their dream? 
I think having the support of your family is ideal and amazing. If you have it. There’s nothing. I think for myself, there’s nothing like having my mom or my dad say that they’re proud of me. My family tells me that they’re proud of me if that is better than any award better than anything that could imagine. But there are a lot of people who don’t have to support their family and I think it is just as important to realize that your chosen family is also super important and having support from those friends can be just as uplifting and soul-nourishing. Honestly, I am truly lucky and blessed cause I have the support of both. I love my people 

Who was your biggest supporter growing up and how is your relationship today? 
My biggest supporter is my mom. She has always been there from day one. Always giving me the opportunity to go after my dreams no matter how crazy they might be. She is still my biggest supporter 


What is your dream role? 
I’ve been asked that a lot. I’m not sure what my ultimate dream role is, I’m not sure if it’s been written yet or offered to me. I think I’ll know it when I’m doing it or maybe after I’m doing it. But what am I looking for? Honestly, I love acting and I love to tell stories. So at the moment, I would say my dream role is any role that allows me to tell interesting engaging stories that I get to bring my whole heart to. ( But I would like to play a superhero) 

What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic that has stuck with you? 
So many lessons were learned during the pandemic but I think I learned that I’m pretty good with my own company. I am a super gregarious person, but I can also be a real introvert and I think the pandemic made me embrace that side of my personality. All of that alone time also made me realize how carefree we were in the past. I realized that I am not a planner I love spontaneous get-togethers I miss that spontaneity 

What kind of advice would you give to aspiring entertainers? 
Okay youngsters, here it is. I think that if you want to do this business I think that you have to love it with your entire whole heart. I think that it has to be something that gives you joy to your core that doing this is the thing that gets you up in the morning. It’s not to say that you can’t have other loves, but this is your big love. I think that you should take the time to nourish and grow that art by practicing it daily. And that’s not to say that you have to be on set to practice it daily but do something artistic fun. Read a book, sing a song, go for a walk, look at nature, whatever it takes for you to give you a full pallet within yourself to paint with. 

 Lastly, how can you be reached via social media? 
You could find me on Instagram @nadinerwhiteman and Twitter @NadineRoden

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