Our Top Picks for the Ultimate Long-Lasting and Smudge-Proof Liquid Lipsticks

Mastering the art of liquid lipstick is no easy feat. The ideal liquid lipstick strikes a balance—matte without being overly so, comfortable yet long-lasting, non-drying while staying transfer-proof. Unfortunately, many liquid lipsticks miss the mark, making it a rare gem when you stumble upon the perfect formula that ticks all the boxes.


To simplify your quest, I’ve curated a list of the top liquid lipstick formulas currently reigning supreme in the beauty market. These options embody the precise qualities you seek in a liquid lipstick. Whether you’re on a budget, in need of a steadfast and transfer-resistant option, seeking enduring formulas, catering to dry lips, or indulging in luxury and designer picks, there’s a perfect match for everyone.

Stay with me as I unveil the ultimate liquid lipsticks that will make you think twice about experimenting with another formula. The search for your holy grail ends here.

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Matte Liquid Lip Colour

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, this one takes the crown for me. I reserve this Chanel liquid lipstick for special occasions because it strikes the ideal harmony between a matte and velvet finish. It’s a no-transfer wonder that manages to keep my lips moisturized without any drying effects.

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Survey your liquid lipstick aficionado friends, and chances are, they’ve got a Stila in their arsenal. Why? Well, this lipstick is the go-to for vibrant, intense color that won’t leave your lips feeling like a desert, thanks to the magical combo of vitamin E and avocado oil.

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Transfer-Proof Lipstick

When Dior claims transfer-proof, they mean business. This lipstick can handle it all—hot coffee, a mask, a night that never seems to end—without budging. And here’s the bonus: no settling into creases, no drying out your lips. Dior delivers on the promise of a long-lasting, hassle-free pout.

G Suit Soft Touch Matte Liquid Lip Crème

What makes this liquid lipstick a game-changer? Well, it’s the kind you don’t even feel on your lips. It’s not your typical liquid lipstick experience; it’s so feather-light and nourishing that it’s practically as if you’re wearing nothing at all. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to forget you’ve got it on, all while it stays put and lasts for hours.

Air Matte Liquid Lipstick

The standout feature of this Nars liquid lipstick lies in its color-diffusion complex, setting it apart from the rest. This complex works its magic by instantly diffusing the color, resulting in a beautifully soft finish. Picture those effortlessly chic French-girl lips—subtle, natural, and not overly defined.

Soft Matte Lip Cream

At less than $7, this liquid lipstick exudes a luxurious feel. Boasting a soft matte finish, it effortlessly adds dimension to your lips. The lightweight mousse formula not only prevents dryness but also ensures long-lasting wear.

Ultra Suede Cozy Lip Creme

This is a must-have choice; sporting this will undoubtedly earn you compliments. Not only does it feel incredibly plush on the lips, but the shades also exude a remarkably natural charm.

Sigma Beauty Liquid lipstick in
New Mod – Nude mauve DHS. 79.00


You’ll frequently catch me rocking these gems, and let me tell you, the reason behind my love for these liquid lipsticks is their remarkable staying power without leaving your lips feeling like a desert.


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