Outer Banks Actress Julia Antonelli On Outer Banks Season 2, Acting and More

Julia Antonelli is an eighteen-year-old actress best known for her roles in Showtimes’s hit “Billions,” “Trouble,” “Every Witch Way,” “Alex and Me, “W.I.T.’s Academy” and “Outerbanks”. Julia started her entertainment career by appearing in a KitKat commercial, after that she was invited to join the fourth season of “Every Witch Way”. She graduated from high school not long ago and plans to attend college.

Hi, Julia! Could you tell us more about yourself?
I really like to watch psychological thriller movies/tv as well as comedy. Some of my favorite actors/performers are Emma Stone, Donald Glover, Ariana Grande, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell to name a few!

What is happening in your career at the moment? Next projects?
So my career is going well right now! I’m very lucky! I am in Montreal filming a movie as we speak! I will also be starting college in the fall.

How did you find being part of Netflix’s “Outerbanks” series?
Being a cast member on Outer Banks has been a great part of my life. I wasn’t thinking it would be such a hit show! I’m so glad that people are enjoying it. Season 2 is a real adventure so get ready!

How was the experience behind the scenes of “Outerbanks”?
My fellow cast members on Outer Banks have been incredibly amazing at teaching me and helping me learn and expand my acting skills. Onset, we improvise and ad-lib much more than I’ve ever done in my other projects!


You are known for portraying Siena (“Billions”) and Jessie Novoa (“Every Witch Way”) characters; how do you feel when you hear people appreciating your work?
The other roles I’ve played are kind of similar to Wheezie in that I’m a bit bratty, snotty, and think I’m smarter than other people. I’m not like that in person and I’m much more shy and easygoing in real life. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to have somewhat of a normal life by going to regular school and mostly living at home in New Jersey. So living near NYC, I am always available to go in person for auditions.

Who are your influences and idols in the industry?
Some of my favorite actors/performers are Emma Stone, Donald Glover, Ariana Grande, Tina Fey, Steve Carrell to name a few!


Anything you want to add?
I can’t wait to hear how people respond to the new season! I’m also extremely grateful for having my loyal followers on social media!Thank you so much for this interview opportunity!

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