Pinterest’s 10 Biggest Nail Trends for This Season

spring is finally upon us and Easter is just around the corner we’re ready to embrace the season with a fresh set of nails. In fact, searches for Easter nails’ have skyrocketed by 59% on interest. 

Whether you’re heading to the salon for a pedicure or doing your nails at home, the experts at WeThrift have used Pinterest data to determine the top 10 hottest nail trends of the season. 

  1. Yellow nails – 227% increase

Topping the list is yellow nails, with a huge search volume increase of 227%. Trend specialist, Nick Drewe at WeThrift “This shade seems to roll back around every spring, with this year being no exception; it’s all about that intense, vibrant vibe. Yellow naturally evokes positive emotions and the bright tones always work well this time of year.” 

  1. Flower nails – 203% 

Another trend dominating the season is flower nails. From retro daisies to flower crowns, floral nails are increasingly growing in popularity as we head into spring, with a search volume increase of 203%. “After a wet start to the year,  the first signs of spring can bring us to hope that winter is finally behind us, so it’s easy to see why the floral theme is a firm favorite.” 

  1. Green swirl nails – 87% 

If you haven’t already heard, green swirls are all the craze this spring. “It’s a really fun way to jazz up your nails as we approach the new season – and this look can easily be achieved in your own home or local nail shop.” 


Top tip: Try using varying shades of green to add a little more character to your nails.” 

  1. Sage green nails – 84% 

The color green is a firm favorite in the beauty industry, no matter what the season. Sage green is a soft tone that will compliment your spring wardrobe and is a subtle way to introduce a new color to your beauty regime. 

“Despite how jarring the color may feel, green has a lot more versatility than you might imagine. Ease your way into the trend, by adding it to just the tip of the nail.” 

  1. Coconut girl nails – 75% 

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘coconut girl’ it’s a trend that took over social media in the spring/summer of 2021 this season we’re expecting to see the aesthetic resurface. 

It is defined by the hibiscus flower and inspired by aloha shirts. “For this nail trend, you will need to incorporate 70’s bright colors that mimic a Hawaiian beach. Adding an animated flower will tie the look together.”

  1. Ombre nails – 63% 

The perfect option for those who are indecisive with nail colors. Ombre is when you blend together multiple shades, usually complementary colors like pink and yellow. The outcome gives a gradient effect to your nails which is a favorite year-round.  

  1. Rhinestone nails – 44% 

We can credit shows like Euphoria for popularising the rhinestone nail trend, Adding rhinestones to your nails is a great way to glam up your look in a subtle way and is a perfect accessory for a day to night look. A quick search on Tiktok will showcase multiple ways to try out this nail design. 

  1. Kawaii nails – 26% 

Kawaii nails originated from Japan and have recently grown in popularity around the world, with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion sporting the trend. The way to achieve this trend is to be as colorful and creative as possible. For this style, you need to be completely brazen with your colors, designs, charms, and other elements. 

  1. Colour block nails – 25% 

A simple way to incorporate multiple colors into your nail design this season is to color block. Unlike ombre nails, you don’t necessarily need to use complementary colors to achieve this look. With color blocking, you can also use abstract shapes in your design to make the contrasting colors look more interesting.  

  1. Pearl nails – 23% 

We can expect the regency core aesthetic to make a comeback in fashion and beauty this spring. With the latest season of Bridgerton being released, fans will most likely be exploring this trend. “If you want to get ahead of this trend, you will need a nude color to use as a base and then add some decorative small pearls.” 


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