Products You Should Be Keeping in Your Makeup Mini Fridge

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If you’re a makeup junkie like me, you’ve heard that keeping your cosmetics in a chilled place helps them last longer. But to be fair, who has the time to run back and forth from your kitchen back to your room when you’re in a rush to get ready? This is why makeup gurus resort to a delightful new gadget called the skincare refrigerator. They are adorable, lightweight and your makeup products are at a cool temperature for optimum efficacy. Loads of your daily makeup would benefit from keeping on the chilled end, not just for the expensive beauty stuff, but even small products like ChapStick, eyeliner and serums. Refrigerating beauty items not only extends their shelf life but can also improve their potency. As a general rule, creams and serums (containing vitamin C) should be kept in the refrigerator. Plus, products you only need once in a while and organics with a limited shelf life would be better stored cold.

What products can you put in your makeup mini fridge?


Cleansing Balms
Cleansing balms deserve a place in your mini-fridge as the chilled texture will hydrate your skin in the morning or at the end of the day. Some of the best cleansing balms include E.I.F. Holy Hydration! Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm and Amie cleansing balm.

Both liquid and crayon eyeliners (and mascaras!) will thrive from being stored in a makeup fridge. Refrigerating the formulations will help keep them fresh and stable, allowing your cat eyes to remain in check.


Face Masks
Who doesn’t like a fresh, cold face mask? The additional benefit of a refreshing feeling will calm you and prepare your skin to absorb the base, cream or hydrating lotion on the particular sheet cover.

Eye Creams
Keeping your eye cream in your makeup fridge is the ideal solution for those late-night show binges/early morning meetings that result in puffy eyes. A soothing eye cream applied in the morning tends to constrict blood vessels, reducing stiffness and puffiness. Even so, the ice-cold impact serves as an immediate wake-up call when you’re feeling sluggish.


Skincare Products
Holding all of your pre and probiotic creams, skincare products and moisturisers in your makeup fridge can tend to prolong the cycle of the bacteria and your ingredients, allowing them to function on your skin for longer.


Products with Vitamin C
Why you ask, well, any products with vitamin C will benefit from a mini-fridge since vitamin C is
traditionally unstable. Storing it in the refrigerator ensures that it remains intact for a prolonged time because you don’t have to think about it becoming oxidized in the sun. You’ll save money over time as you’ll be buying goods for longer periods and not tossing them out when they’ve lost their performance.


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