Queer Singer-Songwriter Lucy & La Mer On Fans, Mental Health & Music

Lucy & La Mer returns with a catchy indie pop bop that celebrates the fun, playful experience of your first love. Her new single, “Rollercoaster” embodies the delightfulness of a new relationship and the rush of having your first girlfriend. The video stars LGBTQ influencer Haley Faulkner, and includes an easy-to-learn TikTok dance for both Lucy and Haley’s fans.

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Y’all have established yourself as an amazing musical duo, what inspired you to become a musician?
It’s actually just me! Lucy. The “La Mer” part means “the sea” in French.

You have clearly made a name for yourself in the indie-pop scene, what draws you towards making indie pop music?
I love a good pop song. I think pop is actually one of the hardest types of music to write. It has to be simple enough to understand immediately, while also standing out from everything that has been done already.


Y’all have established yourselves as icons for the LGBTQ+ community, how does it feel knowing that you’ve made an impact on people’s lives?
I’m very grateful for my community. The LGBTQ+ fans I have are incredible, and they’ve helped me as much (if not more) as I’ve helped them. I love being able to interact with so many community members daily on my socials and hear everyone’s stories. 

Your music has and continues to inspire fans to be the best versions of themselves, how does music help you motivate and move people?
Music has always been the one thing that can cheer me up. Even on my worst days, one song can turn things around. Or at least, give me hope. Knowing that I can create that feeling for someone else is all I need to keep creating music.

Your music videos always incorporate creative aspects that compliment your music, what does it take to make a good music video that works well with your music?
Collaboration is everything. I enjoy directing and producing my music videos, but I love to work with new actors and crew. I think a good music video captures the feeling the song wants you to feel. It doesn’t have to match the lyrics or story in the song, just the feeling.


You have garnered millions of views on multiple streaming platforms, how important are streaming platforms when it comes to distributing your music to fans?
Streaming is the easiest way to listen to music, and it’s super important to have my music available wherever fans prefer to listen. But even more so, it makes it easy to share my songs with their friends or on playlists.

Apart from making music, what other hidden talents do you have that you’d like to share with us?
I’m a terrible tap dancer. But it’s something I do when I’m stressed. It’s very hard to be stressed and also tap dancing. It’s just too joyful.

After coming up with such indie hits, do you have any upcoming projects for us to be excited about?
Absolutely! I launched a monthly online concert series for 2021. No matter where you are in the world, you can see a Lucy & La Mer concert once a month. It’s hosted on:

How important is social media when it comes to having a relationship with your fans?
It’s literally the most important thing because I can DM my fans and thank them for buying merch or streaming my music, or they can message me when they’re having a bad day, or I can show them behind-the-scenes Livestream on a music video set. It creates a personal space for us to talk and build a community. It’s the best.


Apart from musicians, y’all have established yourself as advocates for mental health, what role does music play when it comes to raising awareness towards mental health?
I think a lot of people turn to music when they experience distress. For me, making music became a form of therapy and self-expression. It helped me cope. I want people to know that mental health is everyone’s health – we all have demanding, challenging, beautiful lives and our mental health is just as important as our physical well-being. It’s incredibly important to talk about mental health in order to erase the stigma around mental illness. 

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