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Raising The Bar: 7 Female-led Legal Shows You Need To Watch

If you’re already hooked on the latest female lead legal drama, Reasonable Doubt, then you’ll probably be looking for some other girl-boss law shows to binge-watch next. 


A recent study found that when it came to character roles in Senior Partner positions on law TV programs, men dominated the roles, with over two-thirds (64%) of those analyzed, leading law firms. 

 With this in mind, the team at BPP University Law School, has rounded up 7 of the best legal dramas out there with strong female leads, which prove to all aspiring lawyers that the legal industry is not a man’s world anymore.

So if you’re excited to get to watch some of the best and most recent female-led law shows out there – check out the list below…

  1. Reasonable Doubt (2022) 
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First up is one of Hulu’s newest releases Reasonable Doubt. The show follows a high-powered attorney, Jax Stewart (Emayatzy Corinealdi), as she faces the challenges of being a BIPOC woman who works in a position at the top of her law firm. 

Though the show has only has a handful of episodes so far, we’ve seen both sides of Jax’s character, on one hand, she is the ultimate girl boss who is willing to get the job done while on the other we see her drawn to dangerous and questionable situations while climbing the ladder of success.

  1. The Split (2018-2022)

Next up is BBC One’s award-winning show The Split. The show follows The Defoe’s, a family of sisters who work in divorce law for the family firm, and explores the relationship between Hannah (Nicola Walker), her mum Ruth (Deborah Findlay), and her sisters Rose (Fiona Button) and Nina (Annabel Scholey). 

Upon its release, the show was praised for its ‘refreshing’ take on dramas, in which men take a backseat behind the powerful women at the front. 

  1. How to Get Away with Murder (2014-2020)
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Is this even a female-led legal drama’s round-up if How to Get Away With Murder isn’t mentioned at least somewhere on the list? 

The show, which stars award-winning actress Viola Davies as Annaliese Keating, follows the infamous criminal defense attorney and a group of her students as they find themselves at the centre of their own murder mystery. 

Though surprisingly dark, what this show does well is it captures perfectly all aspects of Annaliese’s character. Sometimes she is sensible and emotional, while other times she’s ruthless and strong-willed and will stop at nothing to win a case. 

  1. Pearson (2019)
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As an already established, fierce girl-boss character, was it really that surprising that Jessica Pearson from Suits got her own spin-off show?

After being disbarred for her questionable decisions as director at Pearson-Hardman (formerly) Pearson follows the titular character Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) as she embarks on a new career path in Chicago’s politics. 

Having already established herself as a leading woman at a law firm during Suits, who is determined and unwilling to give up, it’s easy to see why the show has been a hit. 

  1. Striking Out (2017-2018)
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Next on the list is the popular Irish legal drama Striking Out. The series follows Tara Rafferty (Amy Huberman)  as she sets about starting anew after quitting her job at her cheating fiancee’s law firm. 

The show really resonated with viewers due to its portrayal of Tara, a female lead who could be strong while also showing emotion. 

  1. The Good Wife (2009-2016)

Next up was 2009 hit The Good Wife. A show which follows Julianna Margulies as a humiliated wife, Alicia Florrick, who must resume her career as a lawyer,  after her husband is involved in a scandal. 

The show received praise for Margulies portrayal of Alicia, whose character throughout the series was revealed to be extremely complex – which is why viewers resonated with her so much. 

  1. Damages (2007-2012)
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Last up we have Damages, which ran for 5 years and seasons between 2007 and 2012. 

The show follows ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes, and her new ​​protégée Ellen Parsons as they take on a new case each season. 

Like Annaliese Keating in How to Get Away with murder. Patty Hewes’ character (Glenn Close), moved away from the do-gooder stereotype that we often see of women in legal dramas and instead showcased her strange and sometimes unknown motives to get the job done. 


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