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Flormar’s “Healthy Glow” collection couldn’t come at a better time. Launched just in time for Ramadan, the specially designed range promises a healthy, natural and radiant look for the season. The collection includes a range of natural shades and sparkling textures for head-to-toe beauty.

Flormar is a woman’s best friend with fashionable and reliable make-up products in a range of colors and textures crafted to represent the best in style and taste. Color is at the core of the Flormar world, and they use the latest looks and colors to bring the best out in a woman’s beauty. Through colors, Flormar expresses cultures and reflects emotions.

Healthy Glow Aqua Primer (AED 55)

The perfect base for smoothing and lightening the skin. Ensures long-lasting makeup and a constant glow.

Healthy Glow Brow Lift Primer (AED 40)

A clear gel texture eyebrow primer. Very versatile, it gives the appearance of full and healthy eyebrows, nourishes them and is the perfect base for applying eyebrow makeup for a long-lasting effect.

Healthy Glow Tone Up Cream (AED 52)

A formula with a powerful blend of botanical extracts, this cream provides optimal moisture to the skin. Can be used alone for a natural look or as base under makeup for a smooth and flawless skin effect.

Healthy Glow Hearty Baked Blush (AED 45)

Healthy Glow Hearty Baked Blush (AED 45)

Available in 3 shades, the hearty baked blush boasts a silky soft texture that is perfectly absorbed into the cheeks.

Healthy Glow Breathing Color Nail Enamel (AED 15)

Get that healthy shine on the nails! The Breathing Color Nail Enamel protects moisture of the nails, permeates both oxygen and water vapor and allows healthy nail growth. Available in 6 shades.

Healthy Glow Dewy Lip Lacquer (AED 39)

Available in 6 shades, this liquid lipstick contains only natural ingredients, enriched with avocado oil and coconut oil for. A well-groomed and perfect lip pout.


The collection also includes a Healthy Glow Cuticle Care Cream (AED 21), Healthy Glow Set & Refresh Primer Water (AED 44), four dynamic shades of the Healthy Glow Eye Liner Pencil(AED 34) three shades of Healthy Glow Quartet Baked Eyeshadows (AED 61) and six shades of the Healthy Glow Lusty Lipstick (AED 37).


Flormar’s new Healthy Glow collection is available at Flormar stores in the UAE and online at Instashop.

To discover more and keep up with the latest news, visit Flormar’s Facebook and Instagram pages – @FlormarUAE @Flormar_UAE.

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