R&B Neo-Soul Artist Sophia Habib Talks about Inspiration, Music, and the Creative Process

Singer, songwriter, performer, and producer Sophia Habib is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Sophia’s music is a captivating blend of her love for the 2000s, along with smooth R&B vocals and a dark, melancholy tone coming from her classical piano background. It deftly dances between addictive pop, spellbinding R&B, and silky neo-soul. Her music, which has a mature and sophisticated musical quality because to her studies at the esteemed Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, touches on relatable, commonplace daily events. Sophia’s music pushes boundaries and does the unexpected, creating a subtle tension and suspense that invites surprises at every turn.

Credit: Sophia Habib 

Thank you for joining me today. It is such a pleasure Sophia. Tell me how this year has been treating you so far.
This year has been treating me good so far. Always ups and downs, but it’s been good so far 🙂
I’ve finally released some new music and as a songwriter I have been making progress as well. And that’s exciting to me. As long as I’m busy, working towards the next step, I’m good.

When it comes to music, your music is so relaxing to listen to and it takes you out of this world. What’s the process like?
Thank you so much. The process differs. For these songs, from my album ‘fragile’ the process has been very organic. I came to the studio with demo’s or idea’s. Most of the time with chords and a first idea for melody and words. Then we took it to the studio and worked on it until it was done. In this process the songs were the most important. Not the sound, the beat or anything else. The message and the songs.

When creating a new song what comes first the beat or the lyrics?
Always chords first


“Lifeline” is such a beautiful song, it’s so artistic and catchy. What was the inspiration for the lyrics?
Thank you. It’s about waiting for a love and recognition you will never receive. And in the end, realising that you don’t need anyone else to love and validate you. You can do without it, and it’s a waste of your time. On a deeper level, for me, I wrote it about the male gaze. Feeling it so deep inside you that you don’t know how to get rid of it. Seeking validation of men and seeking out exactly those men that you know will never give you what you’re looking for. Self sabotage maybe in a sense?

As an artist, what keeps you motivated?
It’s simple. Without making music, I feel unhappy and empty. And if i do make music, i feel at my best!

How much do you put your personal life experience into your music?
It’s everything and all I write about. For me, I can’t write about made up scenarios. At least not for myself, for others I can. So yes all of my personal life is for everyone to hear Haha.

I’m sure you have a strong bond with each song you wrote on the album, but what was the one that sticks with you the most?
Questions, hands down.

How would you say your music has evolved over time?
I am a person that is ever changing and learning. Because my writing is personal, it changes as much as I do. Which is a lot at a fast pace.
More specific, it is now becoming more musically storytelling than lyrically story telling, if that makes sense? You’ll understand when my new music comes out!!


As an artist, you get both negative and positive comments when putting your music out there, how do you think that affects you?
I think by now I’ve learned to not let it affect me, unless I want it to. I try to focus on my intuition as much as I can and that keeps me going.

What do you do to look after your mental health daily?
I go to the gym a lot, it helps me clear my mind. I talk about my thoughts and feelings a lot. I analyse them until I understand and then I try to accept or sometimes even change them in a positive direction.


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