Reese Cooper Blends High-Fashion and Heritage in a New Levi’s® Collaboration

As a kid growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Reese Cooper would always get his Levi’s® from a farm supply chain called Tractor Supply Co. As a teenager in London, he most often encountered Levi’s® through specialty fashion collections sold at places like Dover Street Market. It’s a perfect example of how Levi’s® has authentically occupied both the fashion space and the workwear space for the better part of a century. And it also just happens to be the inspiration behind a new Spring 2022 collaboration between Levi’s® and Reese’s eponymous brand.


Composed of a ten-piece line-up of Levi’s® jeans, Truckers, hoodies, and tees, the Levi’s® x REESE COOPER® collection seamlessly blends high-fashion and heritage, runway style, and workwear utility. With a focus on authentic workwear materials and construction, the collection includes Levi’s Type II Trucker and a Levi’s® straight-fit jean in triple-stitched organic cotton duck canvas—available in green or ecru—as well as a patchwork chore coat and straight-fit jeans in indigo denim made from Cottonized Hemp. 

There’s also a two-pocket hoodie in either green or ecru organic cotton, both of which feature graphics based on heritage Levi’s® back patches, and two organic cotton graphic pocket tees, with graphics based on the Levi’s® brand’s iconic workwear lineage. For Reese, one of the most important elements of the collection was that it included sustainable fabrications. And to that end, every piece is made using either Cottonized Hemp–an innovative technique from Levi’s® in which hemp yarn is processed to feel just as soft and comfortable as traditional cotton–or organic cotton, two fabrics that have become an integral part of Levi’s® reducing its environmental footprint. 

The entire collection will debut at Paris Fashion Week as part of Reese Cooper’s Spring runway show, “Seed & Soil,” and will then be available for purchase on the same day of the show. It’s the first-ever “see-now-buy-now” collaboration for Levi’s®, where customers will be able to shop the collection immediately after walking the runway. And as part of that “see-now-buy-now” approach, Reese has also curated a special Levi’s® x REESE COOPER® pop-up shop, which will showcase the collection for the entire week of Paris Fashion Week. 

“You think of Levi’s® as being cool, like the classic 501®. But on the original back patch, it calls out its durability with the rivets and canvas and denim. I just wanted to tie together the two main components the brand was built on. For me, this was an opportunity to essentially make proper heritage workwear with a company that pioneered it.” – Reese Cooper


“What we love so much about Reese is how he fuses traditional workwear materials and construction with modern style. There’s a natural connection to our workwear lineage with a creative, sustainable, and fashion-forward twist.  This collection takes everything we love about the past and puts it into one beautiful modern package.” –  Karyn Hillman, Levi’s® Chief Product Officer 

The Levi’s® x Reese Cooper collection will be available for purchase starting June 22, 2022, exclusively at the Dubai Mall Levi’s store.


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