Rising Star Dai Time Is Aspiring & Unstoppable

Dai Time is a fifteen-year-old influencer, editor and brand ambassador from Atlanta with 336k followers on Instagram. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has her online magazine called DaiTimeMagazine that spreads positive messages to more than ten thousand teenagers. She is a strong supporter of charities and enjoys being useful for those in need. In the past, Dai Time had released a few singles and was widely recognised on the Vevo page. She inspires and encourages others to be brave and achieve dreams.

PHOTO: Dai Time

Hello Dai Time and thank you for agreeing to speak with us
Could you tell us about your childhood and family?  I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. Two years ago, my mom decided to relocate to Los Angeles CA. I’m the only child by my mom and we are extremely close.


What are three interesting facts about you? 
I’m a dog lover and owner, I love Asian and Mexican food, and candy is my weakness.

Do you ever feel anxious walking the red carpet and meeting the paparazzi?
I’m always nervous on the carpet but after the first 15 minutes, I’m ready to tackle everything.

You have recorded a few records in the past years, will we be hearing any more from you? 
I haven’t touched music in two years but I’m hoping soon.


It has been three years since you launched Dai Time Magazine! What made you create youth content? 
I created Dai Time Magazine to highlight phenomenal youth. I wanted my peers to lead and read about each other.


What is Reading is Lit for those who do not know yet? 
Reading is lit is a tour I created to inspire readers.

It has been said that you were on the road visiting schools and reading your book “My Tutu” to a thousand pupils, is that true? 
I typically visit schools discussing entrepreneurship and reading.

What is “My Tutu” about? 
My tutu is my first book written by me.


How do you feel about achieving most of the things at a very young age? 
I would travel all over the U.S. reading to my peers and inspiring them.

How do you usually relax after a busy day? 
Even though I’m young it’s still so much I want to do. after a busy day, I’m typically playing with my dog.

What advice would you give to young influencers and teenagers in general?
My advice would be don’t stop believing stay encouraged.

 Anelle Aibassova
Anelle Aibassova

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