Rising Star MontFloyd On Tiktok, Music and Juice WRLD

Despite his young age, rising artist Montfloyd has shown a great deal of determination to succeed as a musician, having recently released new music for everyone to enjoy and relate to. As Montfloyd’s journey unfolds, it is clear that this is only the beginning. A few days ago I talked with Mont about his music and how he feels about being compared to Juice WRLD. 


First of all, thank you Mont for joining me, So hows things been for you lately?
Things have been well for me. I’ve been finishing up a few different artistic projects and spending a lot of time in the house. 

You are an aspiring artist, you’ve got some sick music out there. Tell me a little bit about your single “Apologize to me”?
Apologize to me was a track I wrote in early 2019 when I started dealing with a lot of depersonalization and doubt of self worth. I had realized a lot of feelings I was feeling were placed there by past relationships or people that just weren’t in my life anymore. I found myself taking their past judgements into heavy consideration for my day to day when they weren’t even around to change that perspective, so saying Apologize To Me is also calling to that void. 

How did the song come about and what was the inspiration behind It?
I used to take a lot of mid sized road trips and play new beats I was into. There was a trip I took alone to Detroit where I was supposed to meet a few friends but ended up getting left alone and waiting for someone in a hotel lobby until 2am. I stayed up thinking the rest of the night and wrote that song in about 10 minutes. 


You released a song a while ago called “she got Pokemon to go stops at her crib” So tell me how did the name come into your head and is there something specific about this song that you like?
That song was originally called “mamaday” because it was recorded the night before Mother’s Day and we weren’t sure if we’d be doing anything with our moms the next day. The new title just came to me randomly while thinking about the times surrounding the recording. I’d spend a lot of time on a nearby university campus and a lot of the dorms had Pokémon go stops in popular areas.

You have always been very open about mental health in your songs, what makes you so expressive and how do you feel when people can relate to it?
I feel like it’s important to talk about what you may be thinking or going through with people who will listen. I find that my art/music is the best way I can express myself at times as well as the only place I feel heard. Whenever people relate it’s always situational, mainly I just like to share a moment with them so they can also feel heard. 

You are getting compared to Juice wrld a lot on your socials especially TikTok, how do you feel about that?
I feel flattered by comparisons, but personally I don’t see it. It got troublesome for me when people started to compare our music and fashion styles. It had me feeling worthless for a minute and I even had to start going to therapy to sort it out, but I’m back to being confident in myself and my path. 

Does it ever come to a point where it gets too much with the comparison?
It gets to be too much when people put their expectations on me, get disappointed that I don’t make songs exactly like him, tell me I should get with his girlfriend and “continue the legacy”, and it gets to a point where scrolling and seeing different variations of the same comment gets maddening. I had to turn off notifications to save my mental. Before I turned 22 I was getting a lot of “you’re not making it past 21” messages and it panicked me because I was simultaneously dealing with some of the worst health issues of my life and I had to deal with it privately because I didn’t feel secure in my outlets at the time. 

Let’s talk about your song “Bi*ch I should block you on everything” what was on your head when you were writing the song?
I was thinking about a situation that’s not quite a relationship, but more than a friendship and it’s reaching the natural end. I feel like infatuations in situationships can only go so far. 

As a growing artist, what are the day-to-day hustles that an artist goes through?
I feel like navigating the industry and how to grow is a daily hustle. I like to focus on artist development more than paid marketing because I’m more likely to connect with other artists I see naturally than paying attention to an ad. I have a pretty interesting day to day though, sometimes I sing jazz at a tattoo shop with the owner and my favorite artists, other times I’m traveling and doing photography for a few upcoming projects, and most days now I’m just at home finishing up writing for my next project. 


What keeps you motivated on making music?
Making music that I want to hear and having an understanding that there is no backup plan. I can’t see myself doing anything other than being an artist so just reaching a point of sustainability is always on the mind. It’s not even about being rich I just want to be comfortable enough to make music forever. 

The more I listen to your music the more I love it, How do you feel when people give you positive responses to your music?
Thank you so much! I love it, that makes my day more often than people probably think. It keeps me motivated to get my new stuff out faster. 

Where do you see yourself next year?
Hopefully touring or at least playing a few festivals. I miss live shows and want to get on larger stages. 

How much social media has helped you with music?
It’s helped me reach a lot of people I otherwise would have never met. 

Do you think social media is harming mental health?
Yes! I absolutely do. I have talks with other artists and content creators that face a lot of anxiety and depression due in part to social media. It’s healthy to take breaks. 

Lastly, when can we expect new music & any sneak peek?
I’m hoping to drop a new single in October along with a music video or two. Maybe even an album before the year is over.


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