Rising star Peyton Perrine On Nickelodeon series, “That Girl Lay Lay,” His character & More

Rising star Peyton Perrine is a young and talented actor who is starring in the much-awaited Nickelodeon series, “That Girl Lay Lay”. Peyton plays the character, “Marky” wholoves to tag around and is never out of business proposals to pitch. “That Girl Lay Lay” is set to be premiered this September on Nickelodeon. Peyton also plays the role of “Lil bro” in the Netflix series that shows Colin Kaepernick’s early life and experiences that led him to become an activist titled “Colin in Black and White”.


How did you first get into acting?
I got into acting because I was on a game show when I was really little called Bet On Your Baby. It was a game show that put kids in really cool and fun rooms with tons of toys but the parents had to bet on how their kid would respond. Then I did a couple of commercials. My mom asked me if I wanted to try TV and film acting and I said sure let’s try it!

“That Girl Lay Lay” has caught a lot of attention from people and has created some buzz, how excited are you for people to see it?
I am really excited for people to see it! We all did a really great job on the show and I think people are going to love it.

What is it like being on the set of “That Girl Lay Lay” and working with people around your age?
It felt good working with people my age because we could relate to each other on different levels. Most of the time I work with either young adults or grownups who are way older than me. But working with other kids we were able to hang out, play basketball, eat lunch together and prank each other. We had a lot of fun!

Could you share the story of how the audition for your role as “Marky” went?
The audition process was long for the role of Marky. I had like five or six auditions. But the producers and the casting director made me feel really comfortable during the process even though I was nervous. When I was told I booked the role I was thanking everybody and I was so happy. I thanked Ron, John and David for the opportunity and David stopped me and said, We didn’t give you anything Peyton, you earned it. I will never forget that.

What are your favourite activities to engage in when you’re not acting?
I love to play basketball. I also like to hang out with my family, play video games and beat up my dad in Street Fighter and Fatal Fury…lol! I also like to ride my bike and sometimes go on jogs with my mom, dad and little brother. And I also really like doing Muay Thai. I just started taking classes and it’s really fun!

You acted in the Netflix series “Colin in Black and White”, what would you say is the main difference between acting in a Netflix series and a Nickelodeon show?
The main difference is that those shows are different genres. It was also different because Colin was filmed on location and not filmed on a sound stage. Working with Ms. Ava was really cool and she was super nice. That Girl Lay Lay is a Nickelodeon multi-cam comedy. So, I had a lot of fun expressing my personality on stage. But also my acting coach Gwen, along with the cast, helped me learn so much about comedic acting.


You reside in Los Angeles, would you say this location played a major role in your gaining interest in and pursuing an acting career?
Yes! Hollywood is where so many auditions happen. A little bit of back story… My mom and dad moved to LA because my mom wanted more opportunities and if they would have never moved from Philadelphia we wouldn’t have as many opportunities.

What would you say is your favourite thing about living in Los Angeles?
My favorite thing about living in LA is that it’s always warm. And we get to go to the beach pretty much any time we want. We are also so close to Universal Studios, Disney Land and Palm Springs.

You starred in the show “Funny Married Stuff”, how was it like working and filming with your parents?
It was really cool to work with my parents but at the time it was a little harder because I was just starting acting. It was tough for me to grasp the aspects of learning the lines, knowing your actions, and knowing what to say on camera. I was learning. But one of my favorite things about doing Funny Married Stuff was the gummy bears. LOL! The director made a deal with me and my little brother that he would give us gummy bears if we did a good job after each scene. So yeah, it was pretty cool.

What advice would you give to up and coming actors such as yourself from what you’ve learned in the industry so far?
It’s not easy out here, but I would tell anyone to never give up. Just don’t give up because you will never have a chance to get the treasure at the end of the tunnel. When you have to do school work, study lines, learn your actions it can be tough. But just know that the work you put in leads to something great in the future.

So far, you have starred in several series, do you have any plans of starring in movies anytime soon?
I do want to do movies. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I’m planning to do some in the future.

“That Girl Lay Lay” is about a girl who comes to life through another girl’s wish, if you were to choose, would you rather be the one who makes the wish and sees it come to life or the one who is brought to life magically?
I would be the one who wishes someone else would come to life. Because if they have magical powers, they could somehow teach me to have some magical powers and then we could be a dynamic duo to help people or fight crime together. It would be a lot of fun.

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