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Secret UK Filming Locations That are Prime for celeb-spotting

It has been reported that filming for Netflix hit “You” season 4 has begun. However, fans are shocked to discover Joe Goldburg, played by Penn Badgley, has been spotted in London.


Netflix has confirmed that the fourth series will be set in London, which may surprise fans of the show as Joe Goldberg ended his murderous Season 3 adventure in Paris.

This begs the question – what other areas of the UK have provided an unexpected backdrop for blockbuster TV and film sets? Betway has done some digging and compiled a list of cities you may not have realized were recent film sets.

  1. Manchester

Manchester has become quite the filming hotspot thanks to its unique cobbled streets, canals, bridges, Victorian-esque buildings, and quirky zigzag fire escapes. 

Period crime drama “Peaky Blinders”, starring Cillian Murphy, has made use of the city’s trendy Northern Quarter, and more industrial-looking Castlefield to depict early 20th century Birmingham, which helps give the series a sense of authenticity. 

The Northern Quarter has more recently become the backdrop for “Culprits”, an upcoming Disney Plus series. The “dark heist comedy” will star Gemma Arterton and Eddie Izzard who was recently spotted filming a shoot-out scene on Lever Street. 

Some parts of Manchester, such as Dale Street in the Northern Quarter, are often used by film crews as New York City’s screen stunt double. Marvel blockbuster “Captain America: The First Avenger” utilized this street to help depict The Big Apple in the 1940s. 

  1. Liverpool

Over the last couple of years, Liverpool became the backbone of Gotham City for DC’s newest film, “The Batman”. Starring Robert Pattinson as Batman, filming for the blockbuster began back in 2020 before the Covid pandemic.

Filming took place in multiple locations across the city including The Royal Liver Building which became Gotham City Police Department, St. George’s Hall doubled as Gotham City Hall and Gotham’s cemetery was brought to life in Anfield Cemetery. 

Liverpool was the primary location for filming, although parts of London and Glasgow also transformed into the new Gotham City. 

  1. Glasgow

Aside from the latest Batman movie heading up north to Glasgow, the upcoming DC superhero film “Batgirl”, set to be released later this year, also utilized the city’s urban locations, architecture, and landscape to double up as Gotham City.

Production back in November 2021, primarily shooting indoors on a set within the old North Glasgow College in Springburn. However, the main square became the leading backdrop for exterior shooting as well as Trongate, Saltmarket, the Botanic Gardens, Merchant City, and St Vincent Street.

Eager fans across the city caught glimpses of some of the movies starring actors including Leslie Grace as Batgirl and JK Simmons who will play police commissioner James Gordon.

  1. Halifax

Yorkshire has been the backdrop for a lot of successful films and TV series including “Mission Impossible 7”, “Indiana Jones 5” and “The Railway Children” thanks its incredible landscape and unique country houses. 

More recently, filming took place in West Yorkshire for a new Marvel Disney Plus show “Secret Invasion” starring Samuel L Jackson, Olivia Colman, Ben Mendelsohn, and Emilia Clarke. The Piece Hall in Halifax was the primary filming location for the new series, which is expected to be released in 2023. Filming also took place in other parts of Yorkshire such as Leeds and Huddersfield, with production also set to move to Europe. 

  1. London

It’s no surprise that the big smoke is a popular filming location but, it might come as a surprise that Crystal Palace Park recently stood in for New York’s Central Park in the latest Marvel film “Morbius”.

Certain features in Crystal Palace Park reflect the architecture of Central Park such as its steps and statues. Also, as the park is on a hill, the New York City skyline could easily be dropped into the background in post-production. 

  1. Belfast

Northern Ireland has garnered a reputation among production crews as the perfect cinematic backdrop thanks to iconic shows like “Game of Thrones”, “Line of Duty” and “Derry Girls”. 


Streaming services have also begun taking advantage of Northern Ireland as an upcoming Netflix heist comedy “Lift”, starring US actor Kevin Hart, was recently filming in the capital city, as well as the young adult fantasy film “The School for Good and Evil”, also filmed in Belfast, and set to air on Netflix later this year. 

Despite this, it may be surprising to discover that Kenneth Branagh’s latest blockbuster film “Belfast” was mostly filmed in England, as lockdown prevented filming on location in the Northern Irish capital. The “Belfast” movie still provided a fabulous representation of the city, which will help continue to attract big productions. Belfast is also well known for doubling as other English cities such as London in “Marcella” and Nottingham for “Line of Duty”.


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