Setting Sprays That Work Like Magic for Acne Prone Skin

Having Acne-prone skin is stressful enough, and we need not add to that stress by using products that could possibly cause a breakout or exacerbate existing breakouts. Like sensitive skin, acne-prone skin needs a little more TLC, especially when it comes to the products we use. Below we’re going to list types of setting sprays that work wonders for leaving your makeup flawless while keeping your skin happy.

An Alcohol-free Setting Spray

Make up For Ever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray

Many setting sprays contain denatured alcohol and a polymer to increase the longevity of your makeup. The alcohol has a drying effect that keeps the makeup from sliding off and the polymer forms a layer over the makeup to hold it in place. Unfortunately, the denatured alcohol can dry out and aggravate the skin, which can result in breakouts. Which is where alcohol-free setting-sprays come in. A great alcohol-free setting spray is the Make up For Ever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray. It’s a lightweight formula that provides up to 12 hours of wear and is enriched with water and humectants to ensure that your skin remains hydrated. This is great for dry and sensitive acne-prone skin.

A Non-Comedogenic Setting Spray

L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Make-Up Extender

Clogged pores are well-known culprits when it comes to breakouts. Therefore, minimizing pore-clogging makeup products is key when it comes to acne-prone skin. Seek out setting sprays that are labeled as non-comedogenic, such as the L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Make-Up Extender, this oil-free setting spray helps keep makeup flawless all day and prevents makeup from settling into fine lines.

An Anti-Inflammatory Setting Spray

Maven Rose Water Setting Spray

A setting spray with anti-inflammatory properties could be the greatest product in your makeup kit. Setting sprays with ingredients such as green tea and rose water work to not only set your makeup but soothe your skin and thus preventing irritation and subsequent breakouts. The Maven Rose Water Setting Spray is an amazing spray the boasts 16 hours of wear! It leaves the skin supple and with a lovely glow, perfect for the summer days.

An Oil Balancing Setting Spray

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray

An overproduction of oil from the skin coupled with a full face of makeup can lead to clogged pores, and possibly another breakout. Having a setting spray that can help balance out those oils could make all the difference. The Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray Oil Control is a silicone-free primer spray for oily skin that clears and unclogs pores, helping to prevent breakouts. Although it is a primer it can double as a setting spray.

A Natural Setting Spray

True Botanicals RENEW Nutrient Mist

When it comes to beauty, among other things, au-natural always seems like a good way to go. Most times, it is more sustainable and ethically sourced, and produced. Furthermore, natural beauty products are void of synthetic and chemicals that possibly do just as much bad as they do good. A natural setting spray like the True Botanicals Renew Nutrient Mist, would be the saving grace for people with irritable skin. It is rich in antioxidants such as green tea which is known to help neutralize free radicals. It works well as setting spray but is an exceptional facial mist for use throughout the day to refresh and hydrate the skin to reduce dullness.


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