Singer Natasha Jane Julian talks about New Music, Lyrical Meaning and More

Natasha Jane Julian, a California native and international touring artist, draws inspiration from confessional art-rock, trip-hop, and film soundtracks to craft moody yet melodic Pop songs. With shades of Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, Kate Bush, and Sia, her music combines substance and sophistication, featuring provocative and thoughtful lyrics. Natasha’s sultry smooth vocals delve into the depths of humanity, delivering a hauntingly beautiful experience. Her unique style, characterized by haunting melodies and atmospheric vocals, has won the hearts of fans. Natasha’s debut album, “Pink Roses,” marks the pinnacle of her career.


Your music is often described as a fusion of confessional art-rock, trip-hop, and film soundtracks. Can you share some of the key musical influences that have shaped your unique sound, and how do you approach blending these genres into your songs? 
Well it wasn’t until people started comparing my music to artists such as Kate Bush, Portishead, and Lana Del Rey that I was able to see these elements as part of my influences. I’ve always had an attraction to storytelling in a cinematic dramatic way and the way I was storytelling was a little different than your average pop star I guess. I love the slow molasses approach to delivering a message at times and exposing the holes in humanity which journalists where describing as sophisticated writing. I was just figuring out life and discovering along the way and putting it into my music. But, I sure do LOVE Cinematic music.


You’ve spent three years living in Europe before returning to California. How has your international travel and time abroad influenced your songwriting and musical style? Are there specific experiences or cultures that have left a lasting impact on your creative process? 
I can’t put that into words haha.  It’s in there subconsciously, and I’m a different person because of it. My heart will always have a place for france because I lived there. And England! I love english people and their culture. They’re genius’s at Pop music too!

The “Golden State sound” is often associated with a sun-baked dreaminess. How does being back in California influence the mood and atmosphere of your music? Are there elements from your time in Europe that you intentionally weave into your Californian sound?
Well when I got back I had an intense desire to rediscover my cali roots. I remembered going to the beach as a kid and the Cali Vibe and I wrote West Coast Girl. So yeah it definitely does. For me I always go by feeling so it happens automatically. 


Your music is known for its substance and thoughtful lyrics. Could you shed some light on your songwriting process? How do you approach crafting lyrics that are both provocative and sophisticated, and what themes or emotions do you find most inspiring to explore?
 ha! I never knew it was until someone described it that way.  Well , I’m a very sensual person to start with. So in everything I do I bring along that along with me. I also have an intense desire to shed light on the pain people are going through or wrongful plays with the heart. I went through a really dark period while living in Europe and a lifetime of stuffed emotions were coming out. When you combine that with my natural state it crafts itself into exactly that.  

Your sultry and atmospherically inclined vocals are a defining aspect of your music. How did you develop and refine your unique vocal style?
Are there vocalists who have particularly inspired you to shape your singing technique?  At the beginning of my career I thought I needed to sing really upbeat music because I’m a bubbly person in person. But that’s not at all how my soul wanted to express itself.  As soon as I let go of what I thought I should sound like I was able to be myself. Lana Del Rey definitely had an influence during that period as well as artists I grew up listening to that had an impact on me such as Coldplay.


Your music has been praised for its ability to expose the vulnerabilities of humanity in a hauntingly beautiful way. Can you tell us more about the themes and messages you aim to convey through your music, and how you balance the delicate line between vulnerability and strength?
Aww thanks ! As I mentioned the theme Pain before, that is a big one. But also exposing the holes in humanity in a philosophical way started to become a theme as well as I want to send messages into the world. The delivery was coming from someone going through a lot of pain that wanted too fight my way out so that must be where the mix of vulnerability and strength comes from. 

Your fans often mention the driving passion and refined sensibility in your music. How do you infuse these qualities into your creative process, and what advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to evoke such emotions in their own work? 
Only life experience can Mold a refined sensibility, so I didn’t do anything special. I just lived and experienced a lot and in my own unique way that shaped me into this kind of artist. Once I started working on my emotional intelligence after going through all the painI did by accident,   I discovered a new part of me. One that can sort through things with sensibility (most of time lol)  and stop reacting with my current emotion. That way when you want to spark certain emotions it’s not clouded with fog from a constant state of emotional stress that I was in before. 


Looking ahead, what creative projects or aspirations are you excited about? Are there any new directions you’re considering exploring in your music or your career as an artist? 
YES! Absolutely, when my album releases I want to focus on getting my music into TV/Film since it screams cinematic and go on TOUR !  I also want to venture off into launching a clothing line I’ve been working on and possibly a TEA. We’ll see!  


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