Singer Silly Boy Blue On New Single “The Fight”, Favorite Artist & Upcoming Album

Ana Benabdelkarim, known for her stage name Silly Boy Blue is a French multi-talented songwriter, performer and producer. She writes heartfelt breakup tunes, pop anthems that you would most probably add to your playlist because of its meaningful lyrics and 80’s, 90’s style. Ana started her music career as a member of a band, however in 2018 released her debut solo EP. She has returned in 2020 with bangers and also a brand new single The Fight this May. In the past, proudly worked with YouTube channel COLORS and Isaac Delusion’s show. 

Congratulations on releasing your new single! You have mentioned before that you’ve written The Fight while feeling angry, what was the reason and do you think it is the main things that motivated you to write?
Thank You ! I don’t need to be angry to write but it helps haha. It’s easier for me to write when i feel a strong feeling : whether i’m angry, or falling in love, or sad, anything that I feel in an intense way makes me wanna write songs. 


Could you tell us more about how you started your music career in a band and why did you all break up?
We didn’t break up (for once haha). I just started to write more and more songs, and decided to go my own way. I was writing songs since i was 13, and I’ve been in bands, learned how to play instruments, but at 20, I needed to be on my own on stage etc. So I started my project ! 


How about your home and family? Are you close with them?
Yes, but i needed to be independent really soon so I left home when I was still a teenager. But I’m close to them, i don’t spend a week without calling my mom.

What are your favourite three songs at the moment?
“Solar Power” by Lorde, “Respire Encore” by Clara Luciani and “Francis Forever” by Mitski.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
 I guess London, or Montreal. I like cold weather, and these are two cities I’ve been to, and felt like home. 


How many musical instruments can you play?
 I can play piano, guitar and bass. But not on the same level for the three of them haha. 

What is the main message you want to give the audience when they listen to your music?
I want them to feel okay with who they are, to feel understood. No matter how bad they’ve been feeling, or treated by someone, my album is a way to tell them “i’ve been through rough stuffs too, but we’re together in this”.   


What do you love doing when you are not producing songs?
What are your guilty pleasures?
Apart from music, i tend to have new passions really easily and get kinda obsessed with them. At the moment, I’m kinda crazy about crosswords, because I’m 200 years old. And because it empties my head, and I really need that.

How much do you want to achieve in your music career?
I just have one goal : to write songs that makes people ok with themselves. Just like some songs and albums helped me through tough times. That’s all I need, it sounds corny but it’s true. 

I love the name of your upcoming album “Breakup Songs”, I think that is what most of us need sometimes. How many songs will be included?
12 songs !   


Any music videos coming up?
 Yes ! The videoclip for “Teenager” will be out at the end of june ! It was shot in my highschool, and I’m looking forward to release it 🙂

 Anelle Aibassova
Anelle Aibassova

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