Singer & Songwriter Kjersti Long On New Single, Musical Inspirations & Performing

Singer Kjersti Long is a talent whose musical journey began at the age of 9 when she wrote “Rollercoasters” expressing her struggles with anxiety and herself. She was featured at the popular NYC rock club, “The Bitter End”, by age 11 Her single, “Not Your Princess”, is set to be released soon in which she speaks about not having to conform to stereotypes. Kjersti has performed at numerous iconic rock locations and collaborated with well-known and well-celebrated talents.


Out of all the iconic rock venues that you have performed at, which one would you say you had the best experience at regarding the atmosphere and everything else?
The Velour in Provo, Utah had such an amazing feel to it. The atmosphere and eclectic nature of the decor I just loved.  I felt at home there. The walls are covered with music memorabilia of rock legends and very interesting historic pieces related to the rock n roll era. Everything about the way the club felt was amazing.

What is your favorite thing about performing?
The electric feel that the audience gives off while I’m performing, it’s like I’m reaching out and connecting everyone in the room. That’s my favorite part of performing. 

By age 11, you were performing at The Bitter End, what was that experience like for you?
Well it was new. It also was super crazy being in the same venue that so many famous people have performed in. It was an absolutely incredible learning experience, too. 


Following up on that, how did you get the opportunity to perform there?
I honestly have no idea. I have a wonderful team that helps me book venues and get to do what I love the most…perform. 

How soon should we expect “Not Your Princess”?

What are your ultimate career goals?
My ultimate goal is to be able to touch everyone through my music. Allow them to hear and feel the messages of my lyrics and the drama within my music.  My hope is that they can relate to it in their own personal ways. That they can take with them something that they need or want to hear. 


You are passionate about offering amazing concert experiences to your audience, is this because you have a love for concerts or something else?
Yeah I really love concerts. I love performing in them and watching them as part of an audience. I love everything about live performance. 

What is your fondest memory from a concert you attended and who was performing?
It’s got to be the Heart and Joan Jett concert I went to. Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, and Joan Jett are sort of my musical idols. But since they’re music careers happened long before I was born, I was upset that I would never get to see them live. But Heart did a reunion tour with Joan Jett and my Dad surprised me with tickets. It was really amazing. I had my Heart merch and everything. 


What inspired you to write a song about not giving in to assigned stereotypes?
It was my Dad actually. He calls me Princess a lot and when I asked him to stop he told me to write a song about it. I really wasn’t up to it that day so I didn’t. But throughout that week I kept hearing people call me or other girls ‘Princess’ and it really bugged me so I took my Dad’s advice and I wrote a song about it. 

How did you go about making your own unique version of the “Beatles” hit song, “Elenor Rigby”?
Well it was the movie, Yesterday that inspired me to cover a Beatles song and when I was going through and listening I was caught by the lyrics and the sad melody of Eleanor Rigby. As I was listening to it all the ideas of how to compose and rearrange it came to my head and I started scribbling them down on the sheet music. 

Where is the ideal location that you would love to live in one day?
I dunno, somewhere with lots of forests and animals; no crowded neighborhoods or cities. I’d prefer out in the rural areas. Just close enough to the city where I can go in and perform but far enough away for me to have my own little space in the world. 

Who are your musical inspirations?
Joan Jett, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Pat Benatar, Freddie Mercury; literally any 80’s rocker, and Evanescence. I also really like Lindsey Stirling. She is such an impressive talent. I actually have a whole poster board on my wall full of photos of artists and albums that I love. 

 Rabiatu Mohammed
Rabiatu Mohammed

is 21 years old and is currently in her 1st year of studying International Business at Middlesex University Dubai. She is goal-driven and enjoys going out as well as exploring new things.


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