Singer Songwriter Tizane On her Debut Album “Cherry,” Working with Photographer Tina Korhonen and More

Tizane is a unique singer who recently dropped her single “Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now?”. This single is a follow up to her debut album, “Cherry”, which was approved and praised by critics.


Tizane has also worked with renowned photographer Tina Korhonen who has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Prince, Rolling Stones and much more. “Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now?” is a boosting, anthemic pop song that gives a statement of self-worth, and it is out now along with its creative music video.
Photo by Tina Korhonen, all rights reserved

The concept for the music video of “Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now?” is unique and very interesting, how did you come up with it?
Being drenched in paint was a visual metaphor for all the abuse and misery that seems to come one’s way, and the struggle to shield against it.I had toyed with the idea for quite a while before WGHMN offered the perfect premise. All along I was old that we would never be able to perfect awayof lobbing buckets of emulsion around but I was dead set on it. Eventually I came up with the idea of cream and food colouring and our video was born.As it happens, it was truly horrific, and I ended up totally freaked out and blubbing! 

What was the inspiration behind the “Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now?” lyrics?
Most of my songs are centered around dreadful dark and dystopian relationships with partners that one would do well to avoid. They always end up in tears and inevitable breakdown – WGHMN is just another from that particular psyhodrama closet.


Have you always had an interest in music or was it a recent development?
Ive been interested right from a child, thanks hugely to my mum, who was also a singer back in the day. She has always filled the house with musical vibes. From as far back as I can remembers, I was the annoying kid bashing out Ginger Bakers on thebuscuit tin. From there it was piano lessons, then guitar, then song writing.

Whom do you consider your musical inspirations?
Well, this is always a tough one for me because some of the people who inpsire me the greatest are not those I seek to emulate – well not in anyobvious way. All the usual giants are in the mix, Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush and latterly, Phoebe Bridgers etc. – but I have so much room for thelikes of Mac Miller, Chase Atlantic and Moses Sumney… so….

What was it like working with legendary photographer Tina Korhonen?
In a word – Fun! Over and above being such a peerless genius, she is just an amazing character. Her cover shot for WGHMN is all my all time fave ‘me’ shot. I really hope to work more with her – maybe even try some stuff with my clothes on?


You released your debut album, “Cherry”, not too long ago, how would you summarize that whole experience?
Well recording it was a dream come true and I’m incredibly proud of it – proud that it even exists, you know? Sadly it coincided – not to say carcrashed with Covid 19, and there were no gigs, no launches, no press and indeed no shops – so not the triumph I had planned!

Aside from creating music, what other activities do you enjoy?
Hmmm… I must admit to being something of a music obsessive and other stuff has to fight hard for bandwidth. I love animals and haveturned my poor parents home into some sort of managerie with ducks, dogs, cats, lizards and heaven knows what else! I’m also a bit of acomic geek with Spidey being my top boy!
Photo by Tina Korhonen, all rights reserved

Which artist would you love to collaborate with?
Well putting aside the inconvenience of his death, I would have given my right arm to have had a warble with Mac Miller. Having said that,even here in the realms of the living, there are many I would willingly share a stage with including but not limited to – Queens of The Stone Age!Yes- it’s true!

Which social media platform would you say you spend the most time on and which one is your favorite?
Probs Insta but I duck in and out of most. To be honest, Im not really a keyboard warrior and I enjoy stalking others rather than posting my ownnonsence – my manager gets the hump with me on this and desperately urges me to be more prolific.


What is one talk show that you grew up watching that you would love to be featured on?
Sadly I cant even think of any. Most of the cool Saturday ones dont really exist anymore do they? I know Jools Holland is not a talk show but that’s the one that really butters my muffin!

Do you have any upcoming projects to be released soon?
Well we’ve really been concentrating on the live scene and we’ve been blitzing London, doing all those weird and wonderful venues thatunderpin the music scene, The Dublin Castle, The Fiddlers Elbow, The Victoria, St.Moritz, The Old Curch etc. To answer your question, I’m planning to drop a new single called ‘Cruel’ in the first few months of the new year.

How would you describe your musical journey so far in three words?
Covid 19 Crisis

 Rabiatu Mohammed
Rabiatu Mohammed

is 21 years old and is currently in her 1st year of studying International Business at Middlesex University Dubai. She is goal-driven and enjoys going out as well as exploring new things.


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