‘Siren Eyes’ is the biggest TikTok beauty trend this summer

TikTok remains a powerful force in the beauty industry for trailblazing some of the most popular beauty trends. With creators constantly sharing the latest beauty hacks, tips, and tricks, it’s a bit of a minefield to figure out what exactly is trending. 

With this in mind, the research team at WeThrift has put together a list of the biggest beauty trends on TikTok to get you ready for the summer season. 

  • #Sireneyes – 203.1M views

The latest makeup trend to dominate TikTok is Siren Eyes, with the hashtag leading you to thousands of videos showcasing various methods to achieve the siren eyes look. 

The trend stems from the Greek mythological creature The Siren, a creature that lures sailors in with enchanting music. Now the makeup trend is all about creating a sultry, alluring effect with eyeliner to elongate the eye. 

TikTok @daniellemarcran demonstrates this in a tutorial using liquid eyeliner to elongate her eye shape, then drawing a line above her eye crease before using a black eyeshadow to smudge the liner on the outer corner and above the crease with a shadow brush to create the seductive look. 

  • #Foundationinwater – 21.1M views

The latest foundation hack involves putting your foundation in water to add more moisture without oil and to give a more radiant look. It’s also said that this method is supposed to make your foundation long-lasting throughout the day. 

The creator of the trend @bodywhy_official went viral after demonstrating this trend by squeezing the foundation into a beaker full of water. They then used a spatula to retrieve the makeup from the bottom of the container before applying it to their face. 

@bodywhy_official  then blends the makeup as normal, before pouring water onto their face to show how the makeup is waterproof. 

  • #GraphicLiner – 1.1B views 

Say goodbye to a classic winged eyeliner look and say hello to the new graphic liner trend.

Tiktok creator @dahlia.creates has been at the forefront of this beauty trend, and this trend has not only dominated TikTok, but has been seen all over Instagram and has even penetrated runway shows. It’s even caught the ‘eye’ of celebrities with famous singer Dua Lipa rocking the trend.

Nick Drewe says: “Sporting bold makeup looks is a huge trend this year, not only in makeup but also in fashion. Abstract designs and bright colors are all you need to achieve this graphic liner trend.” 

  • #Slugging – 300.9M views 

Hailed as a miracle for spot-prone skin, ‘slugging’ (coined due to the ‘slimy’ appearance it gives your skin) involves slathering your face in Vaseline as the last step in your beauty routine. 

As well as allegedly being great for your visage, it would also eliminate the need to buy expensive spot treatments and boujee moisturizers, as petroleum jelly remains affordable. 

One Tiktoker demonstrated a simple night routine that involved slugging with a tub of vaseline. Slugging is said to improve dry and irritated skin, leaving you with an undeniable glow. 

  • Bleached Brows – 63.5M views

Bleached brows are certainly at the top of the list for brow trends this year, and have been recently seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner and other models on the runway.

If you want to try out this trend but you’re not too sure about committing to bleaching your own eyebrows, the following method is the one for you. Simply grab your favorite concealer and a spoolie brush and start “bleaching” away. The best thing about this method is you can easily remove it with a simple makeup remover or wipe. 

One video by makeupbylexh details how quick and easy this simple trick is with a tutorial on how to use a concealer on your eyebrows to give the ‘bleached brow’ effect. 

  • #JelloSkin – 14.6M views

Beauty and skincare lovers have been raving about this trend for a while now, birthed out of Korea, the trend is said to leave your skin glowing and hydrated. 

The popular trend, ‘Jello Skin’ is all about creating a plump and structured skin texture that bounces and feels elastic, similar to the feel of jello (known as jelly in the UK) and rice cakes. 

TikTok skincare influencer @glowwithava is driving the trend through her videos, as the artist guides followers on her ‘Jello Skin’ journey. Ava explains that the trend is more than just using the right products, it becomes a part of your lifestyle. 

  • #Y2K Hair – 13.9M views

We’ve seen the return of Y2k beauty and fashion, including everything from low-rise bottoms, to hair stripes and bubble braids. Now thanks to multiple tutorials and videos on TikTok the 00s styles are everywhere! 

Trend specialist Nick Drewe says The great thing about Y2K hairstyles is there is no correct way to pull it off. No matter your hair type, throwing in an extra bit of color will always make it look that little bit cuter.”

  • #Lipplumphack – 522.3K views

Having full and plump lips has been a beauty trend for a while now, with people opting for filler or using products to make their lips appear fuller. 

TikTok @alissakrn showcases how to achieve this desired look with one simple trick,and all you need to do is pick up a brown liquid eyeliner and draw two small lines inwards at the corner of your lips. 

  • #HaileyBieberNails – 58.5M views

The well-known nail company OPI uploaded a video on TikTok showcasing how to easily achieve the highly sought-after ‘Glazed Donut Nails’ at home. 

All you will need is a gel nail lamp and the appropriate colors to achieve this look, as well as the OPI chrome effect powder in ‘Thin man can’ to get that glazed effect. 

  • #GymLips – 732.6K views

Creator of the trend @kelliannsewell describes the term ‘Gym Lips’ to be a non-makeup makeup look and the key to achieving this is to grab a lip liner that is the closest to your original lip color.  Once you’ve chosen your lip liner you need to overline and fill in your lips with the liner, then find a clear lip balm or oil that should hydrate your lips and leave them looking full and plump. 


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