Skin expert reveals: cheap beauty hacks you need to know

Sometimes, the simplest techniques are the best – after all, if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it, right? Somebody who whole-heartedly agrees with this is the founder of eco-conscious soap bar company Beauty Kin, Nada Ward. 


As expenses continue to rise in almost every aspect of our lives, there has never been a better time to get back to basics and enlighten yourself with some good, old-fashioned beauty hacks. 

From magnesium sulphate, to physio tape, to Wash n Go – nothing is off the table on this list, as Nada has compiled her top go-to tips and tricks when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. So, sit back and prepare to be schooled by the experts.

  1. Magnesium sulphate for ingrown hairs

If you are prone to ingrown hairs that eventually turn into angry red lumps, then this is the hack for you. Nada said: “Ingrown hairs are usually caused by shaving or waxing too often, as the hair follicle becomes weaker and struggles to break through the skin. This causes it to roll around under the skin until ingrown hair is formed. While it may be tempting to attack it with your nails – step away, and try my fool-proof hack instead.

“Magnesium sulfate paste, which is used to treat inflamed and irritated skin, is ideal for getting rid of pesky ingrown. Costing under £3 and available at most chemists, magnesium is super effective, as it helps to lower the body’s cortisol levels – which in turn lessens the production of oil, which can lead to pores becoming clogged up. 

“Simply apply some magnesium sulfate cream to the ingrown hair, and aim to leave it on for a couple of days or overnight. Eventually, the ingrown hair should ‘explode’, as the magnesium dries up the skin and draws out the hair from within. Then you can pull it out with some sterilized tweezers.

“Before applying the magnesium, we recommend using the Beauty Kin Exfoliating Bar, which contains lactic acid and ground olive stone to slough away dead skin cells – making it easier for the ingrown hair to be drawn out.”

  1. Wash n Go for fake tan mishaps

Everyone and their gran have heard of the infamous Wash n Go two-in-one shampoo and shower gel – but did you know that it can help you remove fake tan patches? Nada said: “One of the main ingredients in Wash n Go is citric acid, which is notoriously good for exfoliating the skin and removing dead, dull cells. 

“Wash n Go also contains sodium chloride, another ingredient known for its exfoliating properties. There is nothing worse than paying for a spray tan, getting excited about the results, and then seeing that there are rough patches of tan all over your body – so you need to be prepared with the essentials. 

“Dampen skin, then smooth the Wash n Go formula over the fake tan patches, rinsing away when your skin tone appears balanced again. The best way to avoid patchiness is to make sure you exfoliate before tanning, which can easily be done with our Beauty Kin Exfoliating Bar – this ensures that the tan can cling to a smooth, clean surface, making it more likely to leave a radiant finished look.”

  1. Physio tape as boob tape

Blessed with a larger chest, or just want to take the dress with the plunging neckline out of retirement? Nada shared one of her best-kept beauty secrets: “Physio tape. It can be bought for under £2, while premium brands of boob tape can cost as much as £30. Physio tape does the exact same job, as both materials have sticky adhesive on both sides, making it easy to conceal your modesty and avoid a nip-slip before a night out.

“What’s more is that physio tape usually comes with more color variety, allowing you to choose your skin tone without having to compromise. Most brands of physio tape are also latex-free, as that ingredient can be very irritating for some people. 

“Physio tape is specially designed to avoid movement restriction, which guarantees the most comfortable experience – essential if you’ll be dancing the night away. After all, nobody wants to have to keep rearranging their boobs on a night out! If your skin is super sensitive, there are varieties of physio tape that have low-allergy zinc oxide as their adhesive, making the risk of irritation even lower.”

  1. Credit cards for straight-winged eyeliner

Sick of using sellotape to perfect your winged eyeliner, then having to rip most of the baby hairs from your face when it’s time to remove it? Us too! Thankfully, Nada has the answer: “Back in the day, all of us used to use our credit cards to complete our cat-eye looks. They were super easy to clean and meant we didn’t have to leave an angry red mark on our faces – which is sadly the reality when you use sellotape. 

“As an eco-conscious brand, it is very important for us to promote the most planet-friendly methods possible. Sellotape is plastic, so using a large amount of it every day is not only bad for your skin, but also bad for the environment. Using your credit card will avoid this senseless waste, so it’s a win-win scenario!”

  1. Pineapples to smooth rough feet

Trust us on this one, as we know it sounds a little strange. However, pineapples have long been used in beauty treatments – plus, you’ll have a lot left over to enjoy as a healthy snack! Nada shared: “Suffering from coarse, dry skin on your feet can be an absolute nightmare. It can mean that you feel too self-conscious to wear sandals and, in extreme cases, can become physically uncomfortable or painful if the skin splits. 

“Pineapple is loaded with natural bromelain, which is an active enzyme well-known for removing dead skin cells. Bromelain has been used for centuries in South and Central America to discourage the look of inflammation, promoting the look of more balanced, radiant skin on your feet. 

“Not only that, but pineapple is very rich in amino acids, which are renowned for working hard to encourage skin repair. A boost of vitamin C helps to add plumper, firmer illusion to your skin, while antioxidants work to protect your skin from harsh external aggressors. 

“Cost-effective and also planet-friendly, using pineapple on your skin eliminates the need for single-use plastic, and also avoids using harsh chemicals. The old tricks are the best ones!”


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