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Steps To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays, working from home is the new normal. All we have to do is get up in the morning, eat a hearty breakfast and then sit in front of the laptop to start our “work”. But what about our health which is being disrupted due to our unhealthy and extremely lazy lifestyle. Doctors agree that sitting every day—especially for long hours—can cause a lot of problems to the body like back pain, weak muscles, and lethargy throughout the day. Not only sitting for a long time can give us discomfort but there are various other factors too like unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, disorganized mindset, and much more.


It is extremely important to lead a healthy lifestyle in the time of pandemic as many people are now suffering due to their unhealthy lifestyle and unhygienic practices. Now is the time to change those habits and breakthrough those conventions and create a healthy and peaceful lifestyle for our good and benefit.
Here are few tips that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and sustain it:


Eat nourishing food:

The most important step towards leading a healthy lifestyle is making changes in your diet. Of course, you would have early morning temptations of caffeine and oily food which is not beneficial for your health. As Ayurveda puts it, “The cause of all the diseases is your stomach.” Therefore, if your stomach is healthy then you are healthy. Try inculcating small healthy eating habits like eating more fruits, having green leafy vegetables cutting down on caffeine, etc.


Seven to eight hours of sleep:

In this stressful time, one of the important things to keep us healthy is sleeping peacefully. Many times we are so tensed and stressed that we barely sleep and only do so for 2-3 hours a day. Young people, especially teenagers are prone to less sleep because they are on their phones the whole day and even up to the early hours of the morning which can result in eye problems, change in mood, irritation, weak immune system, as well as disruption of the whole sleeping pattern.


Avoid news overdose:

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During the pandemic, we watch the news all the time but sometimes the news takes a toll on our health and bombard our brain with more negativity than positivity and we tend to absorb it. I am not saying that you should not watch the news, but try to balance it to avoid stress and depressing items. Overdose on news can mess our brain up and create anxiety and panic attacks which are not healthy for our general well-being. News can be in any form like WhatsApp, university, workplace, news from neighbors, friends, and relatives.


Exercise Regularly:

Start your day with simple exercises not necessarily by hitting the gym. You can start with simple yoga poses and loosen up your muscles which get locked while you sit the entire day in the office or front of your computer or laptop. Simple yoga exercises can freshen your mind and bring peace to your mind and lifestyle.


These are few tips that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset. Start slowly but start today as it will help your mental and physical health and give a fresh start to everything you do or intend to do. I hope you will find these simple tips helpful. As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth.”

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Sakina Abbas

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