Tara Moayedi On Traveling, Acting and Apple TV+’s Invasion

Tara Moayedi is an 8 year old youthful actress who has just started her career with the show Invasion. Not only was she chosen as one of the main kids in the show who are set to appear a lot on the screen, she is also talented in other things such as languages (fluent in English, French, and Farsi), as well as playing the piano and violin, and swimming.

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How did it feel when you landed your role in the new AppleTV+ show Invasion
I remember that moment clearly when my agent called with the exciting news. Our house was filled with joy and cheers. Minutes later, I told myself: “Oh my gosh!!! My life will be changed forever”.

Speaking three languages is very impressive! How did you learn them at such an early age?
I was born and raised in the USA, so learning English is inevitable. I have been attending French immersion schools since I was three which helped me with French. I learned Persian (Farsi) from my parents and family as they are from  Iran. Generally, I love learning new languages. I live in Texas with a huge Latino community and am working on my Spanish skills as well.

Out of acting, playing the piano and violin, swimming, and modeling, which one would you say is your favorite and why?
I really enjoy them all, but acting has been the most adventurous one so far. Working in this dynamic and amazing industry with so many professionals is unbelievable.

(Based on the last answer) Would you like to pursue this as a career in the future further?
I’d love to continue acting as there are some interesting genres I would like to try. I will definitely continue working on swimming and music as well, but acting will remain my desired career.

How did your parents react when they heard that you got the role of Sarah Malik?
Parents always want the best for their children and wish them success in life. My parents were so nervous while waiting to hear if the show got picked up. When we received the exciting news, I saw them unbelievably happy and the signs of stress relief. They told me they are so proud of me.


Why do you support the Child Foundation? Is it due to some personal reasons or were you just looking for the right philanthropic work to support?
My family and I feel the duty to help other people in need. We came to the conclusion that among all of the options we have to help, supporting kids’ education will probably be the best as it has a permanent result. Two years ago I started sponsoring several kids and I feel like they are my brothers and sisters.

How many countries have you visited?
I have been traveling the world since I was two months old. So far, I have visited 14 countries. I don’t remember memories from all of the trips, but I have some great photos. I have a travel blog on my website that I’m working on and will be sharing some kid-friendly travel guides.

Is it hard balancing all of your hobbies, acting career, and school?
At first yes, but I have learned to manage my time efficiently. I have a specific daily schedule and will do my best to follow it. It is actually such a joy to maximize my productivity on a daily basis. One day, I may reveal my top secret on how I have mastered my time management and stay 100% disciplined, motivated, and focused.

If you could be in any show or movie, which one would you choose and why?
I would love to work on a project like Big Bang Theory. Comedy brings me joy and happiness so I’d like to be a part of that and send the same feelings to others.  

What was your inspiration to start your own YouTube channel?
I learned to read and write English at the age of 4 and in Kindergarten (age of 5), I used to read books to other classmates for 15 minutes every day. That was the inspiration to motivate other kids to read more and help them to be more successful in life.


Who inspired you to start your acting career?
My teacher in Kindergarten was the one who first inspired me, suggesting to my parents that I should get into acting. Then with my parent’s encouragement and support, I started this journey. About six months after signing with a talent agent, I booked my first audition which was Invasion.

Where can readers find you on social media?
@TaraMoayedi on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

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