The 5 Best Party Sandals for the Festive Season

With the festive time fast approaching, there are quite a few occasions that warrant dressing up. The right accessories can elevate any look and make it festive.


While heels are a party staple for many, there are a vast majority of people who do not want to wear them for several reasons ranging from comfort, and medical issues to aesthetic preferences. German accessories brand, Hey Marly boasts of footwear options that will make a glitzy statement for those who would rather opt for flat shoes such as sandals.

Here is a selection of sandals and straps from Hey Marly that will get heads to turn at any event this season.  

Brilliant Life


Statement footwear, such as Hey Marly’s Brilliant Life sandal strap and sandal and can elevate a holiday party outfit to create a much more vibrant and glamorous look. The eye-catching nature of the Brilliant Life is the perfect way to make sure to stand out at all the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. The sandal and strap also come in shades of Crystal, Gold, and Rose, making it a must-have in anyone’s festive wardrobe.

Ethno Beads


A new sandal or sandal strap can transform your footwear for a new look, based on the festive occasion. The Ethno Beads sandal that comes in colors like Rose, Coral, Crema, and Anthracite is perfect for a fun and whimsical look. What is even better is that the Ethno Beads are also available in the form of easy-to-change straps, requiring 3 simple clicks, making it an ideal choice for creating instant looks on the go. The beaded texture is perfect to add an extra layer of dimension to a party look!

Cosmic Glitter


For those looking to sparkle this festive season, the Cosmic Glitter Strap is the best choice. The elegant sandal strap is the perfect way to add that little infusion of sparkle for a day or night of celebration. With shade options like Rose, Gold, Black or White, it can complement any sartorial creation. The eye-catching strap is perfect for those who want to change their party looks up and add some flair.

Mars Metallic


Minimalists need not worry as there is a Hey Marly sandal for every taste. For those who prefer a more subtle yet festive look for this time of the year, the Mars Metallic Sandal is perfect for a touch of refined glamour for a festive occasion, with color options of Navy, Silver, Rose, and Gold a great choice. The lustrous feel is great to incorporate into any minimalistic holiday look to add a vibe of poise and sophistication.

Day to Night


For all-day celebrations, the Day to Night strap and sandal is the perfect companion to a chic festive outfit. Coming in the shades Endless Sundowner, Sparkle Nights, and Beachy Mornings, it lets you effortlessly move with the party from all day – to – all night. Crafting a glamorous night-time look with minimal effort has never been easier which is why the Day to Night should be a festive essential.

The styling options for Hey Marly sandals and straps are limitless and a guaranteed way to make heads turn at all holiday events. With glitter, gloss, and beads, there is a strap and sandal for everyone. Even if you do not choose heels this holiday season, the right pair of sandals can easily elevate any outfit this festive season.


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