The Bell Twins: The Unstoppable Duo | COVER STORY

jamo magazine
JAMO Magazine 77th issue

Starting the month of May couldn’t be any more exciting than introducing our May Cover Stars, featuring not just one talent but two. We had the opportunity to have The Bell Twins, Isaac & Elijah grace our 77th issue.

The Bell Twins are Opening up about the next chapter for their career, The Bells Twins talks to our Editor Ayush Menon. Discussing their feelings on being part of Disney Plus, The Boys explained, “The feeling is so unreal we grew up watching Disney classics our whole life, our favorite movie of all time is Peter Pan it’s been our favorite since we were 6.” The Boys continues, “It was one of our biggest dreams to be part of Disney and it happened. We are so thankful for the opportunity and to be able to work with one of the greats Reggie Hudlin was also a bonus. ”


The boys also shared their advice for guys that are struggling with fashion saying, “Some fashion advice just enjoy what you are wearing and be proud of it fashion is all about expressing all the different colors and patterns represent that. It’s like you get to live a different character every day.”

We also discussed what’s next for the boys & what’s their life like when they aren’t working, The Bell twins explained “Yes we do have a few projects in the works right now there are a few we can’t talk about at the moment but we are jumping a little into the producing side as well.” The Boys continued, “A day when we aren’t working is pretty laid back we usually sit and watch all the Harry potters movies or play chess with a bunch of our buddies.”


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