The Best Bobs to Try This Summer

There is something about the summertime that brings out the daring side of us. If you are looking for a rush, but not looking into get into too much trouble, then a haircut might be just the thing to get your adrenaline pumping. Here are a few styles that you could give a try; and who knows? You might like them so much that they stay with you way beyond the summer.


The Clavicle Bob


The clavicle bob is perfect if you are not too crazy about the idea of short hair. This haircut rests at your clavicles or collarbones. It is not too long or short ensuring you have some flexibility in terms of styling your hair. For a sleek classy look, straighten your hair tuck it behind your ears, to frame your face and bring forth your features.

The Modern “Princess Diana”


Although that may not be its official name, the style formerly worn by Princess Diana has been making waves. More and more people are going retro, opting for 80s and 70s inspired hair. And based on the many TikTok challenges and hair-inspo posts on Instagram the style is here to stay. The cut gives you a natural, youthful, and impish look. This cut is great if you prefer your hair with a bit more volume, but do not like to spend time styling your hair to do so.

The Curly Bob

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The curly bob is one of my personal favourites on the list. Whether day or night your curls are going to make a statement. Mist your hair with water to achieve that demure wet look. You do not want drench your hair in water, instead use gels, oils other styling products to add shine and definition to your curls. The water is meant to add moisture and help distribute the products evenly.


The French Bob


I will admit it, the French bob is pretty intimidating, especially for us plump faced people. However, when done right it looks absolutely amazing. The French bob stops right above your chin by your cheek bones and depending on the way you wear it, can either soften or enhance them. Tuck the sides behind your ears for a more sharp, angled look or let them sit at the side of your face for a soft doll-like look.


The Sliced Bob


The sliced bob is great if you have thin hair, as it is cut in layers to add volume. The hair slightly tapers upwards, with the hair being slightly shorter in the back than the front. This allows the hair to frame the face like a halo. The best thing about this bob is that it can be very specifically cut to fit your face. It looks great whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, thick, or thin.


If you are looking for a sign to go get that haircut, then this is it! Try one of these bobs and wow your loved ones this summer.


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