The Best Coffee Tables For Any Well-Appointed Home

The coffee table is the heart of any living room. It adds the final much-needed touch to your surroundings and ties your decor all together to create an aesthetically pleasing space that is practical, functional, and stylish. 


Below, home furniture brand, aura, has rounded up the best coffee tables to fit any home and match any style all available from its latest AW21 collection. 

High to low glass coffee table


Want to hear your guests scream “wow!” as they walk into your living room? Add this beautiful, gold, glass, different height, coffee table (that was a mouthful to say) and spruce up your space like no other. You can add different accessories like vases, books, candles, and more. It will truly become the center of attention.

We go round and round


 Who said you can only place one coffee table? Go for two or even three round coffee tables placed throughout your living room. But, two things to be careful with; firstly, each has to be a different height and size. Secondly, decorating has to be key. Choose one of the tables to showcase your accessories and the other to be empty to create that perfect balance and sophisticated look.

Simplicity and minimalism 


You might be already satisfied with how your living room is looking and want to opt for a simple coffee table that matches your style, the below is a perfect fit. Simple yet outstanding, this is what you need to make it all come together. If, by any chance, you felt like it might be a bit too simple, you can always add more decorative elements to it.


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