The Best New Summer Perfume to Try!

It’s hard to imagine summer without the thrill of travel. But while 2021’s socially distant season makes many of the traditional getaways an impossibility, there are still ways to channel those pleasures. A great fragrance can be an experience that transports you through notes culled from a specific region, thoughtful homages to a perfumer’s home, and pure nostalgia that makes the most of our scent memory and imagination. The right combination of flowers can reveal visions of sand, surf, and garden parties, taking wearers back to their last trip or pushing them toward the next.

This is the joy of perfume. Imagine, shell-strewn sands, wild fields, heat-soaked jungles…This season, the freshest summer fragrances take their cues from far-flung destinations, offering an olfactory escape with a single spritz and there is no four-digit plane ticket necessary.


At Parfums de Marly we understand fragrance’s ability to connect with specific locations. United by their transportive quality and unexpected ingredients, an olfactory narrative can deliver precisely the kind of adventurous new experience meant for summer. For example, Parfums de Marly’s Delina fragrance is synonymous with Paris, a city of romance and fragrance. Because it’s an olfactory capital, it’s almost impossible to leave the city without picking up a bottle or two of fragrance. Still, few perfumes capture the essence of amour as well as Delina. The contrast between the floral (Turkish rose, lilies, and peony) and the juicy

(lychee, rhubarb, and bergamot) makes for a compelling journey. It’s easy to imagine breezing through the Champs-Élysées, macarons in tow – the pastel bottle is Ladurée worthy – when you’re wearing this bright blend. For an added thrill, layer on its sister scent, Cassili, a red currant–laden treat that compliments Delina perfectly.


So remember, the season of wearing less is almost upon us. Whether you’re looking to smell like a boat ride navigating the Mediterranean or a summer stroll through grass fields in Grasse, summer weather calls for a lighter and fresher take on perfume. So, ditch the musks and the ouds, and instead embrace the best of citrus, floral, and airy scents to put you in permanent vacation mode, even if you’re stuck at the office.


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