The Biggest’ Vacation Prep’ Beauty Trends (According to TikTok)

With vacation prep videos trending on TikTok, we’re often spending more than we budget for on pre-vacation products, treatments, outfits and more. As the viral TikTok hashtag #packwithme stands at a whopping 3.7 billion viewsBeauty Daily by Clarins decided to crunch the numbers and find out what we’re viewing the most across beauty (and fashion) as we prepare for our holidays along with key 2023 trends. Analysing and adding up the leading hashtags across each category, we found the following:


#1 Holiday Outfits – 2.9 Billion Views

Source: @jenniferlfields on TikTok and AvenCraft on Etsy

Holiday outfits is the number one category, with a cumulative total of 2.9 billion views across the top hashtags in this category. With the desire to look your best on holiday, it’s no surprise that users put the most emphasis on their holiday wardrobe. From hauls to holiday GRWMs, we’re looking to TikTok for holiday outfit inspo the most.When looking at vacation fashion trends, crochet is on the rise. From crochet bikini tops to cover ups, ‘crochet aesthetic’ Pinterest searches have increased +400% since last year. We’re also searching for airport outfit inspo more than before, up 50% from last year. 

#2 Nails – 2.4 Billion Views 

Source: @nailedbyyans on Instagram and @Harrietwestmoreland on Instagram

Following outfits, holiday nail TikTok’s came in second place with2.4 billion views. From selecting a shape, to finding unique designs, we’re looking to TikTok to make sure we have the newest trends at our fingertips (literally!)Amongst the key vacation nail design trends this year, designs inspired by Greek culture have increased +300% on Pinterest searches. Think blues, white, ‘evil eye’ designs, and ancient Greek floral prints. Evil eye nails have also accumulated 26.2 million TikTok views. In addition, mermaid chrome nails have also increased by +2,000%, as well as blueberry milk nails up 10,000% on Pinterest searches. 

#3 Hair – 1.8 Billion Views

Source: Pexels and Pinterest 

Ranking third place, hair TikTok’s relating to our holidays is the next thing we’re viewing the most. Whether that’s vacation hair hacks, to products that help sun exposed hair – the top hashtags in this category have racked up a total of 1.8 billion views.According to Pinterest, ‘water park hairstyles’ have increased +200% up from last year, with users searching for fuss free buns and braid styles that protect hair from chlorine. Vacation braids have also increased 40% from last year.  

#4 Skincare – 1.2 Billion Views 

Source: @skinbyhelen on TikTok and Pexels

After hair, skincare ranks in fourth place with 1.2 billion views. Within this category, users are watching sun protection videos the most, as users look for tips and tricks to avoid sun damage on vacation. Other leading skincare holiday content includes sunburn videos (as users collectively share their sunburn holiday woes and treatment solutions), as well as tanning hacks & tips. The biggest holiday skin TikTok trend in 2023, are the viral UV stickers. Detecting when it’s time to reapply sunscreen, they’ve racked up 43.1 million views. These stickers start off purple, and as adequate SPF protection gets applied to skin, they turn clear. As soon as it’s time to reapply sunscreen, they turn purple again – acting like a wearable skin timer. 

#5 Makeup – 925 Million Views

Source: @betelbaby on TikTok and @haileybieber on Instagram

Despite coming in last place, holiday makeup content has still racked up a total of 925 million views. With the heat known to throw our known and loved makeup routines off track, we’re looking to TikTok for sweat-proof makeup hacks & products, as well as makeup looks we can recreate. The viral Latte Makeup summer trend (defined by make-up that focuses solely on shades of brown and nudes), encapsulates the vacation sun-kissed minimal look perfectly. At 185.2 million views, and up 1,000% on Pinterest searches in July alone – this is the leading holiday makeup trend for 2023 and also embodies the trending ‘quiet-luxury’ aesthetic.  


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