The Essential Guide to Buying Denim for Your Growing Kids

Don’t you feel like you’re constantly shopping for your kids’? Every month, you’re heading to your favourite store, Zippy (wink wink), and shopping for your kiddos who are in a growth spurt. Well, all you need right now is a set of the best tips and tricks to get your kids to wear their favorite wardrobe staples for longer.  

Grab a size up


Always try grabbing a size up, but of course, make sure they’re not too baggy or saggy. Sizing up a couple of months isn’t much of a bad idea as your kid will quickly grow into the new size. Pair their jeans with a cute kids’ belt to complete the look.

Opt for Elastic 


Stay away from traditional waistlines and opt for kids’ denim with an elastic waist. This is another great way to allow your little one’s to wear their jeans until they outgrow the legs. For your little princesses, opt for jeggings; leggings and denim, what sounds better? Those will give you an extra few months to spare buying new jeans!

Let Kids Choose 


Lastly, always let your kids choose their outfits or help you choose their clothing. If they’re old enough, give them the complete authority to buy a complete outfit. If not, make sure to get their opinion when buying. This will guarantee that you won’t have any unworn clothes sitting in the closet; but you’ll have excited little ones ready to conquer the day with their brand new outfits. 

Apply those hacks, get creative with sizing, and you’ll have happy kids with long lasting clothing 


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