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The Importance Of Summer Hydration


There is no drink as hydrating and healthy as water. As the mercury rises, it becomes essential to drink more water and its advantages are more evident. The first-of-its-kind BPA Free 5-gallon alkaline water in the UAE, Aquaplus shares the importance of keeping your hydration levels in check this summer:

Keeps you full for longer
It’s easy to mistake your thirst for hunger which can lead to overeating to suffice the quench. If your body is dehydrated, the first signal your body gives is usually hunger rather than thirst. So always drink a glass of water every time your body signals towards binging as this will instantly fill you up.

Keeps you energized throughout the day
Not drinking enough water can lead to morning lethargy, tiredness towards the end of your day and in some cases, even leads to chronic fatigue. Always drink 1-2 cups of water around 15 minutes before stepping out in the heat during the summer and carry a bottle of water with you handy.


Avoids constipation
Absence of enough water in your body can slow down your digestion and intestinal tract. Avoid constipation by drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water every day and 8-10 glasses if indulging in any strenuous workout.


Begin your day with pure, alkaline water
It is extremely essential to rehydrate your body in the morning after a fasting window. Drinking water with an alkaline pH such as Aquaplus helps in getting rid of toxic wastes and excess acid from your body and helps you stay hydrated for longer.


This summer, switch to a BPA-free alkaline lifestyle and order your Aquaplus gallon online at Price of a 5-gallon bottle ranges between AED 8 and AED10. Stay updated with the latest brand news via @myaquaplus.


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