The Modern Mentalist Kevin Nicholas on Magic and Performing for Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton  

The Modern Mentalist, also known as Kevin Nicholas is a professional magician who started off as a teenager that loved magic tricks and just at 15 years old he already became an award-winning magician who now performs for many popular celebrities and corporate clients such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Ozzy Osbourne, Red Bull, Ferrari, Gucci, and many more.

How did you find out about your passion for magic?
My passion started at 14 years old when I saw an infomercial for magic trick tapes. I convinced my parents to buy me the 5 VHS set, which would spark my love for learning, performing, and entertaining people with magic. I learned the entire 80 effects in just a matter of weeks and it has never stopped.

Was your family supportive of your early passion?
My Mom and Dad have always supported me. They have always pushed me when I got complacent and were always proud of me. They knew that if this was going to be what I love then you don’t half-fast it. They have always been, and continue to be, my biggest fans and supporters even in times of struggle. 

How did you mix your passion for magic and school?
The mix of a passion for magic and school was actually very useful. It taught me how to effectively communicate with all types of people, the importance of confidence when meeting people, and gave me the ability to connect with everyone and anyone. In school, I was never in one group of friends. I was affiliated with athletes, the skater crew, the artists, the upperclassmen, and the underclassmen. There was never a time in school when people did not know that I was the kid that did magic tricks. 


Have your passions affected the way you view life?
Has my passion affected the way I view life? YES! My passion has shown me that if you believe in something and you put the work into those dreams, they can become a reality. I have struggled as an entertainer as much as I’ve succeeded as one. My career doesn’t define me. Entertaining is my biggest joy in life, the feeling of amazing people is my drug and I cannot imagine not doing it. Nothing has ever come close to that feeling I get when I bring my audience amazement, laughter, and wonder. 

Has the early success and fame changed the way people acted towards you?
Fame and success have never changed the way people thought or acted around me because I feel that people have watched me on this journey throughout the years and through social media, I feel that people have always been cheerleaders of my success. To this day, I get messages telling me they always knew that I would be successful.

How did you come up with mixing magic and mentalism?
I mix the art of magic and mentalism together; to me, it’s like mixing two styles of music that blend. For example, hip-hop and rock or now, hip-hop and country. As a magician, my style is fast, visual, and loud whereas as a mentalist, I’m more calm, cool, and confident. Blending them with my personality creates action, suspense, and drama. 

What were your most memorable and noteworthy shows?
Some of my most noteworthy magic shows include the Art Basel in Zurich, Switzerland, a private yacht that sailed along the South Pacific coast of Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Morea. Magic has taken me around the world, but it’s my audience that makes a show- not just the destination. I have been blessed to have entertained some of the most famous celebrities, from the birthday of fashion icon Paris Hilton to enjoying a cigar and laughs with an NFL Hall of Famer, to news icon Michael Strahan – to name a small select few, as well as numerous events for members of royalty.


What kind of audience do you find exceptionally hard to break through too?
I find as an entertainer, the toughest audience to break through is children. They are honest, smart and their imagination is not clouded. They’ll tell you exactly what they think with no filter. 


What celebrity or company do you most wish to work for?
My goal as an entertainer would be to create a project that I can travel the world with, with my brand of magic, and introduce a new image to entertainers like myself. I also dream of performing one day on the Jimmy Fallon show. 

What separates you from the other magicians?
I think all magicians and mentalists are different. I like to separate myself for I feel it’s my other passions that come into my show, from the love of fashion, culture, art, music to other mediums. My personality has always been the focal point of the show and mentalism and magic have always acted as the medium to show it off.

What plans do you have for the future?
My plans for the future include creating a project together on a television platform and expanding beyond just being a live entertainer. 

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