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The Most Chic, But Not Cheesy, Halloween Decor Ideas From Aura

There’s more to Halloween than trick or treat, especially when it comes to home decor.  But wait, who said you can’t showcase your personal sense of style whilst still embracing the spooky spirit in a chic way?
The good news is that it’s actually possible to hit the right balance between spooky and stylish with the below ideas from home furniture brand, aura.

Light up the darkness


You’ve found it! Add an elevated look to your spooky space by placing a set of two uniquely designed candleholders. Opt for the below metallic candleholders from aura for a bold chic look.  

Classier than ever: Dark colors for your set up


Your color scheme could be classier than the usual orange and black theme. Intensify your decor by adding dark coloured accessories throughout your home for a moody vibe. Start with the dark blue tray from aura, and perhaps add some spooktacular ornaments on top to complete the look. 

Mysteriously Antiqued 


The correct vases with the correct shade can elevate your decor whilst still embracing the dark spirit of Halloween. Enter, the below statement vases from aura.

A classic twist to the traditional Halloween serveware


Embrance the mysterious vibes and amplify your dinner table with edgy yet sophisticated serveware from aura.


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