THE NEXT BIG THING: Aly Meghani Is Not Your Average Fashion Influencer

Recently I had a chat with Aly Meghani, an extraordinary Fashion Influencer that has been giving a nostalgic vibe through his content on Instagram & TikTok. Recreating Looks from the early ’90s & 2000s and artist like 2Pac & Eminem, The other day I was going through Aly’s Instagram Reels & was hooked, his creativity and unique content serves a whole new vibe.

Aly Meghani is an expert at bringing together His love of fashion and rappers. Read this interview with Aly Meghani to learn more about His career, His aspirations, and His fashion Advice.


First of all, thank you for taking the time to chat with me.
Thanks for having me! I really appreciate it!

So Aly, what are you doing nowadays?
Well, it’s funny that you asked that, because I just recently handed in my resignation at ASOS During my time there I was working in merchandising for womenswear. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t that fun, I felt very restricted in my creative capabilities but now I feel free! On the side though, I’m focusing on creating content on Instagram and TikTok and am also looking for a new role in the creative industry.

One thing for sure, I am obsessed with your Instagram reels, they are so creative and mind-blowing, how much time does it take to create one fashion-related reel?
Thank you!! Normally it takes roughly 2-3 hours depending on what I feel like making. My usual day consists of me coming back from work at around 6.30 ish then creating something so I can upload at like 9.30 ish. It’s a tight schedule but it’s fun!


Your concept of recreating the 2000s rapper’s outfits or rappers, in general, is such a cool idea, how did it come about?
As cliche as this sounds, most of my ideas come to me when I’m lying in bed at night. It takes me ages to fall asleep since my mind is so active during nighttime! I’m always trying to think of something that’s not been done or taking a trend and making it my own by adding a twist. I think that’s the most important thing to creating good content! 

How much time does it take to choose the right look and get the whole look together?
Oh wow, it takes me ages (Laughs)! Sometimes I’m there trying 10-15 diff items to see which looks perfect! I always ask my family and friends what looks better! I feel like it’s always great to get a second opinion and to try multiple items with your statement piece to get that perfect look!

You seem to be a 2pac & Eminem fan, which songs by these artists are your ultimate jam?
Oh, 100% I love old skool 90’s jams! My fave Eminem song literally varies every week but I feel like if I could choose one song that I’d replay from Eminem it would be Mockingbird, that tune speaks to me! For 2pac it would 100% be Until the end of time, such a banger!!


Your style serves a very chill vibe and you are mostly seen wearing baggy clothes, if you could describe your style what would you call it?
I’d say my style is very nostalgic, a bit unconventional too! I like mixing the old with the new! Kind of the ’90s with a modern twist if you’d like! Personally, I don’t like copying a full style, it’s always great to take inspo and then add your own flair to it to make it more personal 


You’re honestly taking over Instagram with your fashion content, have you always been into fashion? 
To be honest with you, it’s a bit of a yes and no answer here! Back when I was 18 i was getting into fashion and the street-wear culture, I was a hypebeast (Laughs)! But I feel like everyone has those phases. I went to NYC after uni and my eyes kind of opened up, I realized not everything was about labels and brands. Money doesn’t buy style! I kind of learned to experiment over time and kind of find my style! Right now, I think I still have a lot to learn, not just about fashion but about myself too!

Who are your fashion inspirations?
This may sound weird but I don’t really have any major fashion inspirations! For me, it’s just observing everything and anything. You can get inspiration from anything I feel, whether you’re just taking a walk and having a look at what people are wearing on the street or even scrolling on Pinterest or IG.


 Favorite piece of clothing?
This is probably the hardest question! Personally, I feel most of the items I have are quite unique since they are from eBay and are very difficult to find nowadays! But I’d either say this vtg Tommy Hilfiger top from eBay or this old-school Karl Kani varsity jacket!

If you could trade your closet with anyone, who would it be and why?
No-one! I love all my items and would probably never trade them for anyone else’s wardrobe haha! I’m a bit of a hoarder in that sense!

If you could Style anyone in this world, who would it be?
Oh wow! It would have to be Chris brown! I think his style is so versatile and he’d be open to wearing anything! Plus I feel like we have a similar sense of mindset in terms of wearing what you like and not caring what people think!


Lastly, any fashion advice?
Don’t take yourself too seriously, fashion is self-expression at the end of the day! Be confident in what you wear and don’t worry what people think. I’ll give you an example. I normally go out and take some pics for IG every week in public, I use my tripod and people always stare. But think of it like this, they won’t ever remember you again, they’ll think about you for 10 seconds and then they’ll move on. Humans at the end of the day are self-interested, they don’t care about anyone else apart from themselves. The old saying goes, you can’t be brave without fear, so just have fun with it, take risks and find yourself.


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