THE NEXT BIG THING : NM1 On New Single “Skyfall”, Upcoming Projects & Passion For Music

NM1 (No More One) is an Abu Dhabi Based group of four talented individuals, Ibrahim aka Mickey, Ahmed aka Nineteen, Islam aka Esoo & Adam. NM1 is a group of two Dancers Esoo & Adam and two Rappers Mickey & Nineteen, The group was formed in 2016 with one dream to follow their heart & create magic. The Boys are on their way to winning hearts with their new single “Skyfall” out now, NM1 explained the meaning behind the their songs and talked about their inspirations, passion for dancing & music Plus! upcoming projects.

Thank you for chatting with me, so what are you guys up to nowadays?
Nineteen: Thank you for having us, we are working on a lot of projects from music to dance videos and much more and the audience will be entertained.


You guys have released some great songs like “hmmm”, “ุงู†ุง ู…ุฑุชุงุญ ” and including the new single “Skyfall” just to name a few, what’s the process like when making a new song?
Nineteen: The process of making a new song takes 3 main steps first brainstorming, second feeling the vibe, and third expression.

Take me back to when you guys started the group, how did it all come about and how did you guys meet?
Nineteen: Buckle up, The group was formed around 2016 as duo rappers (Ahmed aka Nineteen) and (Ibrahim aka Mickey) we grow up together in the same block, at first glance of us discovering hip-hop, we did not take it as a Serious thing but now it means everything for us. Then we met (Islam aka esoo) he was one of our friends and he is the youngest in the group plus! he is one of the best few people in Abu Dhabi who can dance, then a few months later, he joined the trip to the making of a group for rap to be also a group that includes hip hop dancers, later on, 2019 we met (Adam) through an open mic night event at first we thought he is a rapper because of the way he was dressed then he surprised us to be a dancer. At that same week, we asked Adam if he wants to join the group and he said yes, and now you know how NM1 was formed.

When it comes to creating rap songs, how long does the process take, do the lyrics come first or the beat?
Nineteen: Honestly it depends on a lot of elements like Brainstorming, search for a beat, record, shooting music videos, and sometimes it takes 1 day sometimes takes weeks, sometimes the lyrics comes first then the beat and sometimes the opposite.


Looking back to when you guys started and released your first song. How do you guys think you have grown as an artist since then?
Mickey: Oh Yes! this is a great question, looking back to the first song, we were just kids having fun we didn’t know what to say what to show how to act it was just for fun and we had zero ideas of what we were doing, but through years we’ve grown as an artist and we gained a lot of experience in the music industry, we are proud of what we accomplished and still there’s a lot to achieve.

Do you have a favorite song? And if so, why?
Adam: My favorite song is” tear” because it is a chill vibe and has a strong meaning and overall just feels good.
Esoo: My favorite song is “Hola” because of the vibe of the song and the way it performed.
Mickey: the favorite would be “Hate” because it’s a personal song and it mirrors the aspects of life and it was made for people to relate to it.
Nineteen: My favorite song is “3 am” featuring Casper in the first album “Day1” because he talks about his own personal relationships and how he felt about it at the time.


So tell me a little about “Skyfall”?
Nineteen and Mickey: Skyfall was inspired by the song (Skyfall) by Adele and it’s a great metaphor for the end of the world but we made our spin on it and made it Arabic hip-hop.


What does the title “Skyfall” mean to you guys personally?
Mickey: it was just a pure inspiration of (Skyfall) by Adele.
Nineteen: it is a bit deeper than just a song, It’s more like a conversation with life itself.

 What is one musician or band you guys would love to collaborate with?
Shebanin, kc Hamada, freektv, Michelle, aspercasper.

How was starting a band at such a young age and do you have any advice for other young people wanting to start a band? 
Nineteen and mickey: express yourself don’t stop writing, don’t stop creating art because that’s what will make you, YOU.

What is your favorite thing about creating music?
Mickey: The favorite part of creating music is mixing and mastering because it’s a big part of the final product that the audience will hear.
Nineteen: The best part of creating music is writing lyrics in different genres of music, I like to experiment a lot with music.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 
Nineteen: The Internet made a huge impact on every aspect of the world and the music industry is growing more with the internet & apps and the list goes on and on.


What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?
Mickey: I will be focusing on my studies.
Adam: I will be focusing on other hobbies.
Esoo: I will be focusing on my studies and I wanted to be a football player.
Nineteen: I will be still a musician or a DJ.

What’s your earliest memory that comes to your mind when you think about dance?
Adam: There are many but the most one is probably my second performance in my school show.
Islam: Me Performing at big stages and battles.

What are the most important traits a dancer should have?
Adam: a dancer has to have swag.
Islam: To have confidence and must be fit.

Do you have a favorite dance movie?
Adam: gotta be step up 3.
Islam: Step up 3.


What individual has had the greatest influence on you?
Adam: There are many but if I choose one it would be Chris Brown.
Islam: There are too many but I would go with Franky dee.

When it comes to dancing, when did you start learning?
Adam: I started dancing around 7th grade. 
Islam: I started dancing when I was 8 years old.


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