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The top 10 biggest Oscars snubs in history, ahead of the 97th Academy Awards

The Oscars are regarded as some of the most prestigious awards in the world. While many talented actors, directors and producers are celebrated, some are left in the cold.

This year marks the 97th Academy Awards ceremony, which will commence in a matter of weeks on Sunday 27th March 2022. 

The 2022 nominees were announced back in February, which saw Netflix’s “The Power of the Dog” scoop up a whopping 12 nominations. “Dune” followed with 10 nominations and Kenneth Branagh’s autobiographical memoir “Belfast” received seven.

Actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Garfield and Will Smith have all been recognised for their leading roles, as well as actresses Olivia Coleman, Nicole Kidman and Kristen Stewart.

Unsurprisingly, after the nominations were revealed, the spotlight quickly shone on those that received the cold shoulder from this year’s awards including Lady Gaga, who many tipped for at least a nomination as a Leading Actress.

Historically, there have been a number of times when the Academy’s decisions have left favoured movies or actors empty-handed. With that in mind, as part of their Star Cities campaign, Betway have looked back at the ten biggest Oscar snubs of all time:

  1. Saving Private Ryan (1998) not winning Best Picture

Steven Spielberg’s World War II epic went on to be nominated for an incredible 11 Oscars the year after its release, winning five. However, many were left flabbergasted when it lost out on Best Picture to Shakespeare in Love. 

Over 20 years later, this historic moment is regarded as the point that changed the Oscars forever. 

  1. Brokeback Mountain (2006) not winning Best Picture

The 2006 Oscars are famously remembered for one of the biggest snubs in history, when Crash beat Ange Lee’s groundbreaking film Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture. 

The film did, however, manage to win three of its eight nominations: Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Score.

  1. Alfred Hitchcock never winning Best Director

One of the most iconic Oscar snubs of all time is Alfred Hitchcock never winning Best Director. The “Master of Suspense” was nominated five times, but never won. 

Hitchcock directed over 50 feature films over the course of his multi-decade career, and is considered one of the most famous people in the history of Hollywood.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio not winning an Oscar until 2016

Leo finally won his first and only Academy Award in 2016 for Best Actor, for his performance in The Revenant. 

Previous to this iconic moment, it had become a running gag that DiCaprio would never win a coveted award, after shockingly losing all previous five nominations. 

  1. Citizen Kane (1942) not winning Best Picture

One of the biggest upsets happened at the 14th Academy Awards when “Citizen Kane” lost out on Best Picture to “How Green Was My Valley”. 

Considered by film buffs as one of the most legendary films of all time, “Citizen Kane” has continued to top critics’ lists since its loss all those years ago, including the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Movies of All Time.

  1. Stanley Kubrick never winning Best Director

Despite being nominated four times, Stanley Kubrick never picked up the prize for Best Director. 

Well known for leaving his mark on Hollywood, Kubrick directed some of the most iconic movies, including “Spartacus” and “A Clockwork Orange” and did take home an Oscar for visual effects for “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

  1. Judy Garland not being nominated for “The Wizard of Oz”

One of the most famous films of all time, “The Wizard of Oz” was nominated for five awards at the 12th Academy Awards. 

Many love the classic because of Judy Garland’s portrayal of Dorothy, who was thought to be a favourite to win Best Actress – so it was quite the controversy when she wasn’t even nominated.

  1. “E.T” (1982) not winning Best Picture

The year after its release, “E.T” was nominated for an incredible nine Academy Awards, but failed to take home the prize for Best Picture.

The film lost out to Gandhi, which was a shock for many, including that film’s own director thinking it should have gone to E.T.

  1. Glenn Close never winning an Academy Award

Glenn Close holds the record for the actress with the most Oscar nominations who’s never won. Close has been nominated for eight awards, but has always made one thing clear: she’s not a loser.

Close has missed out on the win for films including “Fatal Attraction,” “Dangerous Liaisons” “Albert Nobbs” and “The Wife”.

  1. Will Smith has never won

Will 2022 be the year Will Smith finally takes home the Best Actor award for his performance in King Richard? 

Over his career, Smith has done everything from rap artist to TV comedy actor to one of Hollywood’s most loved leading men, but he is still yet to bag himself a coveted award.

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