The Top Beauty Trends of 2021

Each year we are hit with a whole new range of beauty trends. This year is no different. I always find myself either struggling to keep up or rapidly attempting to test them all out. There’s no in-between. We all know how quickly trends come and go. I don’t want to miss the hype! I think seeing celebrities trying these beauty trends makes me want to give it a go even more. I guess they are “influencers” after all.

I have rounded up 3 beauty trends I’ve seen everywhere and expect to see way more of this year. Who knows, maybe you’ll be tempted to try a few of these out!

Brown Winged Pencil Eyeliner

PHOTO: Hindash

Eyeliner has always been a timeless beauty trend. Can you believe a beauty trend from 10,000 B.C is still kicking around? To be honest, I can. Over the years, we have experimented with numerous colours, textures and even different shapes and wings. It’s no surprise that yet again, we have no found a new way of wearing eyeliner.


I’ve seen countless celebrities rocking brown pencil eyeliner. It’s neutral, elegant and still adds a lift to the outer corners of your eyes. The best part is, brown eyeliner goes with any makeup look and outfit you want to put together. There will be no need to stress about whether it compliments your finished look or not. The chances are it always will.

I love the soft textured look that pencil liner has on your eyelids. Another bonus i how much more control you have when applying pencil liner. No more accidental smudges! It also offers such a creamy application and glides right on your lids. Plus, brown eyeliner gives your eyes a bit more depth as well. That’ll give you the appearance of thicker eyelashes. Imagine it like a contour for your eyelids.

Spider Lashes

PHOTO: Pinterest

Another popular trend that I’ve seen amongst celebrities are “spider eyelashes”. I spend most of my free time endlessly scrolling through Instagram, and I keep seeing celebs with these stunning lengthy lashes. As the name suggests, they’re long lashes that look like spider legs. Describing it like that makes it sound horrifying, but the final result looks incredible. I promise.

The crucial part of this trend is to apply multiple coats of mascara to your lashes
without making them look clumpy. You want your lashes to look light and thin. This
beauty trend will have everyone asking you whether you’re wearing falsies or have
wispy lash extensions!

This trend reminds me of Betty Boop as these eyelashes look almost cartoonish and
doll-like. I’m obsessed with this trend! Who doesn’t want voluminous lashes?

Face Icing

PHOTO: Pinterest

Beauty creators and enthusiasts all over TikTok are in love with this new trend. They are even incorporating it into their daily skincare routines. The hashtags #FaceIcing and #SkinIcing have nearly 1 million views combined.


If you haven’t heard of “face icing” or “skin icing”, it’s pretty self-explanatory. You put actual ice cubes on your face, or if you’re fancy, you use an ice roller. It’s a type of cold therapy that can help reduce inflammation, oiliness and puffiness. I’ve seen many celebrities rave about its benefits. I even read that Victoria Beckham is a big fan of it.

Icing your face can also tighten your pores and give you a healthy glow as it improves circulation. It may even prevent wrinkles. At this point, I’ve watched several face icing TikTok videos to see whether it is worth doing or not. Nearly all of them claim that this is a skincare trick that models use for glowing skin. It all sounds too good to be true. Although, I guess we’ll never know unless we try it. Time to make some fresh ice cubes.


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