The trendiest festival wear for Summer 2022, according to Pinterest

Are Harry Styles having a steamy duet with Shania Twain? Doja Cat breaking out those boss moves in front of a live audience? These occurrences can only mean one thing… festival season has officially started! 

Aside from seeing your favorite acts and making memories, you’ll cherish for a lifetime with your besties, one of the most exciting things about festival season is outfit planning. 

From funky prints to mountains of glitter, we have already witnessed people serving at Coachella. 

With all this in mind, the analysts at WeThrift have delved into Pinterest data to reveal the top trending festival styles for 2022 based on recent search volume increases. 

Here are the iconic styles that made it to the top 10… 

  1. Flower crowns – 139.2% increase 

If there is one statement accessory that defines the vibe of Coachella, it has to be the flower crown.  Whimsical and summery, these fun pieces of headwear are guaranteed to elevate your outfit to the next level. From the Victorian era through ‘till 2022, flower crowns have been in fashion for quite some time and the hype surrounding them shows no signs of stopping.  Over recent months, Pinterest searches for this type of accessory have increased by a staggering 139.2%, making it the most coveted festival piece this season. 

  1. Denim skirt outfit – 115.1% increase 

The sheer essence of the brighter seasons calls for the reawakening of denim.  One classic festival look we love to see in summer is the denim skirt outfit. You just can’t go wrong with an all-blue number, especially when complemented with a pair of statement cowboy boots. Britney would be proud!

  1. All white outfit – 74.4% increase 

This festival season, white is the new black. What’s more, bridal white with lace accessories just screams Coachella.  Whether you opt for a white dress or a bold white suit, this outfit will help you welcome in all the good vibes. 

  1. Crochet top – 80% increase 

It’s time to ditch the crops and say hello to crochet tops this summer. Crochet pieces have gained immense popularity recently, with Pinterest searches for crochet tops in particular having increased by 80% since the start of the year.

  1. Crochet dress – 70.1% increase 

Another statement crochet piece that we’re all loving at the moment is the crochet dress.  We’ve seen many of these being sported in Coachella pics, and there’s no denying the vintage patterned fabric is an iconic look that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

  1. Cowboy boots – 69.4% increase

With searches for cowboy boots having recently increased by 69.4%, it seems that the chic Carrie Underwood look is most certainly going to make a few appearances at everyone’s next festival.  Sexy and sensational, these bad boys take the generic shoe game to the next level and bring ‘Party in the USA’ vibes. 

  1. Cargo pants – 62.3% increase 

It’s officially the season where it is acceptable to wear a pair of baggy trousers with a nice tank top.  One particular pair of trousers we all seem to be obsessing over is cargo pants. Not only are these utility-chic trousers super stylish, but they are also convenient for storing away your possessions with their selection of handy pockets.

  1. Mesh dress – 52.8% increase

Seeing as the weather is getting warmer, it would be rude not to dig out the mesh that’s been hiding in your wardrobe all winter.  Mesh dresses have been a statement festival look for quite some time now, and with Pinterest searches for this outfit having increased by 52.8%, we definitely expect to see quite a few of these being worn this festival season. 

  1. Boho cowgirl style western chic – 46.3% increase 

Hippy, earthy, and ever so chic, the Bohemian style has been a trend that has defined not just our wardrobes, but our homes as well.  From what we’ve seen at Coachella, it seems that the vibe is all about combining this niche style with a touch of a Western cowboy aesthetic.  Given the similarity of the two styles, this mashup definitely makes sense. 

  1. Crochet bucket hat – 33% increase 

As mentioned, crochet fashion is really having a moment this festival season.  But it’s not just about the dresses and tops – crochet bucket hats are also a well-desired accessory on everyone’s festival inspo list.  Not to mention, these types of hat sport the funkiest of designs and the brightest of colours, making them such a dreamy summertime piece. 


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