The Wild And Wow World Of Xo Team Founders Mary & Gary | COVER STORY

As we celebrate JAMO’s 10th anniversary, we are pleased to introduce our January cover stars, the founders of XO Team, Mary Senn and Gary Grey on the cover of our 92nd issue. They created the XO team on the 3rd of April 2020. Since then, the XO team has gained worldwide recognition for its inspirational and creative content. A great deal of admiration is shown for their work by young people. A discussion with our entertainment editor, Fami, about Mary and Gary’s journey in creating the XO team was held between Mary and Gary.


“We are very grateful for being able to do what we love – create content that inspires people & shows the importance of love and kindness. We also want to support our followers and show them that they’re not alone & they can relate to us. Ever since we started our influencer careers 8 years ago, we understood that it comes with a lot of responsibility. We cared a lot about our reputation so most of our content was family-friendly, we barely did anything controversial. When our followers meet us on the street or somewhere, they often come to us and say “I’ve been watching your videos for 5-6 years, it’s almost like I grew up with you”. That motivates us to keep being a good example to people and motivate and inspire them even if we make some mistakes (since we’re humans after all)”. Mary & Gary On The influence they have on the youth.


Editor-in-chief MG
Photographer: Igor Malakhov
Interview By Fami
Wording By Mali Ahmed
Stylist: Anastasia Znova
Make up: Mkrtchian Rimma
Retoucher: Foxi Kris
Showroom: Maison Privee PR


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