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These are the most fashionable and influential K-pop stars

A few years and still going strong, Korean culture, South Korean in particular, has gained massive popularity among various age groups globally. Be it their scrumptious food recipes trending on social media for us to try, the catchy music we cannot stop grooving to, the minimum one-hour-long K-drama episodes, and some K-beauty self-care we get to unwind to after a long day at work; the K-culture has us totally immersed.

Following the lead, the K-drama and K-Pop stars have us mesmerized by their lifestyle and age-defying beauty and are slowly taking the lead as global fashion icons inspiring us to take and learn fashion tips from one glance at these icons is enough to convince you to follow in their Fashion footsteps!

Jennie Kim – Blackpink


This Korean lead singer of the popular girl band, Blackpink, is a style icon for many. This Chanel ambassador is known for classy, comfy, yet chic outfits. She always nails it with her rich girl effortless looks. Her go-to pieces from her wardrobe include a nice pair of cardigans, a crop top, a pair of wide-legged jeans or trousers, and some designer accessories to complete the look. With over 70M followers on her Instagram, @jennierubyjane , Miss Jennie Kim knows her crowd and how to impress them.

The8 – Seventeen


Xu Minghao, better known as The8, is a Chinese singer known as the most stylish member of Seventeen, a popular K-pop band. There aren’t any styles he hasn’t experimented on. From monochrome outfits, basic blue button-downs, and designer cardigans to floral shirts, the man makes us in awe of him.

Jhope – BTS

Popularly known as the Sunshine of BTS, this 28-year-old has his own term for his style, known as Hobicore. Jhope’s style is more colorful and streetwear friendly. This lead rapper of BTS woos his admirers by continuously experimenting with different styles.



A former Wonder Girls member, who went solo to pursue her role as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and model, definitely makes it to our list. Famously known for her bold and eccentric style, Hyun Ah perfects her looks by mixing and matching different textures, patterns, and neon colors. What makes HyunAh different is that most K-pop idols go for a good girl and a simple persona, unlike her, who chooses a more unique and outgoing style.

Hwasa – Mamamoo

Hwasa breaks all the conventional rules of K-pop idols. She is known for her daring and controversial outfit choices. Her personality resonates in her style. She doesn’t pay heed to what people have to say about her outfit choices whether they are praises or critiques. No matter what viewers have to say, she always pulls it off with her confidence.

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