These Are The Vintage Fashion Trends To Follow This Festival Season

With festival season now in full swing, many of us are now frantically adding the hottest items into our online shopping carts, in hopes of creating the ultimate killer outfit. 

But what sorts of things are people specifically looking at, and what fits can we predict will make a statement appear on the festival grass this summer? 


As part of their Thrifting Capitals Of The World study, the team at Betway has delved into Pinterest Trends data and found that searches for ‘bucket hat outfit’ have increased by a staggering 866% since the start of the year. 

See what vintage festival fashion trends follow: 

  1. Bucket hat outfit – 866% increase 

You will, no doubt, be able to spot one or two bucket hats being sported at your next festival. However, we all know that in order to fully pull off that bucket hat look, a complimentary outfit needs to be worn. 

This seems to be on everyone’s mind, as searches for ‘bucket hat outfit’ have increased by just over 850% recently. Bring on the dance tent! 

  1. Denim skirt outfit – 170% increase 

You can’t anticipate the arrival of summer without the reawakening of denim. What’s more, it definitely does seem that the denim hype has been revived, with Pinterest searches for a ‘denim skirt outfit’ has increased by 170%. 

Simple yet standout, this is a classic festival look that will help you welcome in all the good vibes. 

  1. Cowboy hat outfit – 123% increase 

With searches for ‘cowboy hat outfit’ has increased by 123%, it looks like people are wanting to channel their inner Carrie Underwood and party in the USA this summer. 

A cowboy hat is guaranteed to make any outfit you choose to wear pop – just don’t forget your cowboy boots to complete the look. 

  1. Crochet top – 117% increase 

Crochet pieces are most certainly having a moment this summer, and you can definitely expect to see a few crochet tops being rocked on the grass at your upcoming festivals. 

From their woolly material to the selection of funky patterns, it’s safe to say that these tops give standard crop tops a run for their money. 

  1. Cargo pants outfit – 60% increase 

There is nothing like a pair of fun, baggy cargo pants to up your trousers game – especially when complemented with a nice tank top. 

This type of outfit offers the perfect battle against the unpredictable weather, as your legs can be kept warm and you’re not having to compromise style. 

  1. Crochet bag – 44% increase

Forget the bum bags, only the cool guys and girls will be carrying a crochet bag to their next festival. 

Coming in a range of sizes and beautiful patterns, your accessories need a rightful place in a gorgeous bag such as this. 

  1. Y2k outfit – 49% increase 

It may be 2022 but it looks like we’re all looking in the 00s, with searches for ‘Y2k outfits’ increasing on Pinterest by nearly 50%. 

Given the number of vintage shops nowadays selling an extensive collection of Y2k sunglasses and crop tops, it seems that nostalgia is the new black. 

  1. Mesh dress outfit – 25% increase 

It’s time to raid your wardrobes and dig out those jaw-dropping pieces of mesh wear that have been hidden away all winter. 

With searches for ‘mesh dress outfit’ having recently increased by 25%, we can certainly expect to see some sexy sheer materials sported by a few this festival season. 



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