These Instagram Fashion bloggers Might Have Won The Fashion Game This Year.

Tiktok is a safe place for thousands of users including influencers and bloggers that are gaining popularity within the platform and on Instagram as well. Thousands of users are now expressing themselves and their talents on TikTok and growing on Instagram as some of them are also glamouring in the world of fashion like Wisdom Kaye, Marco Andre Da Silva, Khaleel Aqrabawi, Lexson Willington, and Everett Williams, Just to name a few. These guys are winning the fashion game this year with their unique style.

  1. Wisdom Kaye

Wisdom Kaye is Tiktok’s favorite model. He gained massive popularity on TikTok from his unique vintage-inspired style and his different collabs and challenges. He collaborated with depop and was featured by different magazines. Wisdom Kaye is one of the most prominent fashion boys on the internet right now and when I say this I’m not joking! his Reels/TikTok’s are literally a whole new world of creativity. 


2. Marco Andre Da Silva


Marco is an actor that is known for the 2014 “dance-off” movie and is lately being on the lead in the fashion game. If you are looking for fashion inspo’s Marco should be your fashion inspo stop. From daytime looks to Date night, this guy got it all.

3. Khaleel Aqrabawi


Khalil Aqrabawi is a Jordanian fashion blogger who has gained popularity on Instagram as an insta model and is now making a great appearance on TikTok expressing his unique and gentle sense of fashion with a glimpse of class and chicness. He mentioned that his fashion journey was started with the support of his older brother who is his fashion muse.

4. Lexson Millington


An owner of a vintage store started as a regular Tiktoker who remade music clips with an addition of his spicy fashion to become one of the best and well-known fashion bloggers on Instagram. His interest in music made this 22 years old, Canadian, express his style, and this amazed us all. If you go through his Instagram it will take you to a new whole century (and, We are not complaining). His color choice will definitely brighten up your day.

5. Everett Williams

This fashion and lifestyle blogger is the king of high fashion and smooth
transitions. He has a large audience that supports him and his style.

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