These Popular Hair Colours in 2021 Will Have You Book Your Next Hair Appointment

New year, new hair? 2021 is when you need to change up your ordinary style and rock these trendy colours. In fact 68% of women are judged purely based on their hair colour. You’ll be shocked at how many people notice you by how well you take care of your hair. So in 2021, we have serious work to do. These popular colours are the ones you’ll be seeing pretty much everywhere. After all, no one likes a bad hair day!


Shades of Red

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Just like how Rihanna quoted ‘‘I take risks when I am bored and I am bored often’’ It’s time to take some risks in your life and switch things up. In 2021, the shades of red are making a comeback. This time only stronger. The colour red has so many shades to offer, ranging from cherry dark tones all the way to a strawberry blond shade, which can be mixed into highlights or even a full hair colour, meaning anyone can rock a red do. If you’re feeling bold, you might want to mix deep shades of red to create that stunning red carpet look, just like Rihanna.

Reverse Balayage 

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Balayage – but make it reverse. This pretty colour is already a hot topic that is still going strong. Having a stunning colour which requires low maintenance is the solution to all your problems. The dark contrast with an ombre at the bottom gives a glossy look which makes it such a popular colour in 2021. It’s created with the base colour of balayage but as the name says, it is worked backwards. The results will have you looking like you came right out of a front-page magazine. Although, you might have to spend a couple of hours to perfect this look, the reverse balayage is where it’s at.

Sand Tropez

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Stuck between being a blonde bombshell or brunette beauty? Well don’t look any further. This beachy sand tropez colour is ideal as it’s a beautiful blend between blonde and brown tones. The lighter tone is reflected against the darker shade of brown, which are both then mixed to create the tone which inspired the name. It was seen recently on Kylie Jenner, whose warm-toned, multidimensional sand tropez moment redefined the concept of ‘bronde’. Perfect for anyone who can’t choose between being blonde or brunette.

Icy Diamond

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This colour screams either Elsa from Frozen or Saweetie – take your pick. The icy vibe is created with foilyage and balayage, with limited aspect at the base and maximum blonde saturation through all the edges. A toner, and other regular use of purple shampoo at home, will help maintain this cool ash blonde appearance. Toner is critical, as per specialists, to ensure that overlapping lightener does as little harm as possible. It’s a little out there, but who doesn’t like to be the centre of attention?

Glazed chocolate latte

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If you’re looking for a more subtle change, then consider this. This color is a
combination of a darker shade accompanied by a glamorous shine, resulting in a
deliciously dark ombre colour. It’s created with a darker colour of top which is then
worked downwards to a lighter shade to make a contrast between the two. This look
is awesome all year round and has become quite popular due to demand for its chic,
yet simple, appearance. If you still feel indecisive about this look of chocolate
elegance, you can always switch up your ombre tones from another colour family.


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