These SKIN GYM Travel Beauty Tools Will Keep You Looking Your Best While Traveling

Whether you’re in-flight or enjoying a staycation, keep these beauty tools from Skin Gym handy for a quick and natural facelift

With the summer holidays coming around, it’s time to prepare for the long flights and staycations while not compromising on your skincare routine. No matter what your travel plans are, these unique beauty tools from Skin Gym will give your face some much-needed TLC. Loved by celebrities worldwide, these are not only great to soothe your sun-kissed skin but also to give you a glow while you stroll around exploring a new city.

1.     Work out your face and neck with the Cleo Bian Gua Sha – AED 220


Made from precious Bian stone, Skin Gym’s Cleo Gua Sha not only helps to tone and depuff the face but also helps protect and align chakras, purging the body from any negative energy, and giving you ultimate relaxation. With a unique pocket-sized shape, the Cleo Bian Gua Sha is designed with intricate edges to fit all the curves and contours of your face and works on enhancing your forehead, jawline, cheeks and even neck with a few daily strokes, perfect to be included in your self-care travel kit.

2.     Release your facial tension with Skin Gym’s Beauty Lifter Vibrating T-Bar – AED 139

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 3.14.14 PM.png

After a day at the beach or wandering through town, there’s nothing more relaxing than a quick face massage. With Skin Gym’s Beauty Lifter Vibrating T-Bar, you can enjoy good vibrations and glowing skin with just a few strokes. The Beauty Lifter doesn’t only help you relax, but it also lifts, sculpts, tones, and contours your face which makes it an irreplaceable item in your beauty bag.


3.     Cool down and rejuvenate with the Skin Gym Face Sculptor Beauty Roller – AED 317

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 3.14.55 PM.png

Whether you’re going on an early morning walk or ending a day full of activities, Skin Gym’s Face Sculptor Roller is here to make sure you look refreshed around the clock. Crafted with two round edges that easily hug the curves of your face to replicate the feeling of a deep-kneading massage, it releases tension and enhances your glow. For a cool sensation, keep the Face Sculptor Beauty Roller in the fridge overnight and enjoy a refreshing face massage no matter where you are.


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