This Brand is Created for All The Curly Heads Out There & Its Totally Worth Trying!

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When it comes to naturally curly hair, we all know that curly strands are fragile and require special care to keep them looking fresh, frizz-free and defined. For this reason, many women still resort to straightening hair tools or opt for harmful hair relaxing treatments to eliminate the frizz and straighten the hair. If this sounds relatable to you, then you’ll be thrilled to know about Olew, the Welsh natural hair care brand that specialises in products that are specifically designed for curly hair and will help you put your shiniest and bounciest curls forward! 


Founded by Elinor Davies-Farn in 2018, Olew is inspired by Elinor’s curly hair journey after years of straightening her hair due to the pressure to conform and not liking the way her curls looked naturally. In 2012, Elinor decided to ditch hair straighteners and begin embracing her natural curls. This involved extensive research into the haircare market, in which she learned about the harmful chemicals and preservatives that are a mainstay of many of the products available on the market.  It also incorporated experimenting with products, each failing to produce the products that Elinor desired – and that’s when Olew was born.


Elinor’s journey of self-discovery has led her to not only fall back in love with her natural hair but also herself. She named the brand – Olew – the Welsh word for oil, to pay homage to her curly roots and Welsh roots too! Elinor is on a mission to encourage other ladies to embrace and love their natural hair and to always wear it with confidence.

Here are the products in Olew’s hair care range:


Olew Cleansing Shampoo (AED 90) Enriched with a blend of vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids the Olew cleansing shampoo naturally moisturises, nourishes, and cleanses the scalp. Helping boost those curly roots! The blend of avocado, argan and jojoba helps strengthen the roots and encourages hair growth too.

Olew Cleansing Shampoo (AED 90)

Olew Clarifying Conditioner (AED 99.50) Infused with natural oils and enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants the Olew clarifying conditioner naturally moisturises dry, damaged hair to detangle and add shine transforming thirsty curls to happy bouncy curls!

Olew Clarifying Conditioner (AED 99.50)

Olew Curl Cream – Hufen Gwallt (AED 90) Nourish and define your curls with the naturally hydrating curl creme that smooth curls and minimises frizz. Our special blend of jojoba, avocado and Aloe, adds moisture to restore curls back to their happy, original curl pattern.

Olew Curl Cream – Hufen Gwallt (AED 90) 

Olew Original – Frizz Tamer, Curl Refresher (AED 83.50) An all-natural nourishing and hydrating hair oil without any sulfates, parabens or silicones. Packed with an abundance of antioxidants to promote hair health and shine to help you and your curls ooze confidence! The Olew Original is an oil for all your needs from treating dry, damaged hair, a scalp treatment to a quick curl refresh on the go.

Olew Original – Frizz Tamer, Curl Refresher (AED 83.50)

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